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THE RAZZ: Clubbing nation : Initial problems as Aydin plays name game.

ATFC still can't believe people get his name wrong, even though he changed it to make things easier.

The DJ, real name Aydin Hasirci, who has released dance classics Bad Habit and In and Out, was writing dance reviews for a magazine when his editor added Aydin The Funky Chile to the end of his article.

Thinking this sounded cool and easier to say than the name his Turkish dad gave him, Aydin DJ POLL assumed his new Funky Chile DJ persona. But his new moniker led to an overload of questions.

'At first, I was like, 'That's much easier',' said Ayden. 'But people always get it wrong, so I shortened it to ATFC and now people just keep asking me what that means. It gets annoying but it's easier to spell than my real name.'

With gigs around the world and new people to explain the name to, there's been a few hilarious suggestions about what ATFC might mean.

'The best one was Another Track for Cash,' said Aydin. 'One promoter actually put Ayden the funky chicken.

'I've even been mistaken for a football team a couple of times.' And the ATFC team is about to get larger with Ayden's wife expecting their second child. The only problem is that she also runs Aydin's Onephatdeeva label Aydin said: 'I'm going to do two jobs for the next few months. She's left me with lots of instructions.

'My studio is at the end of the garden so she's not too far away.' One of Aydin's first jobs will be to oversee the release of his first mix album, Hip Joints.

'I can prove myself in a club in front of a few hundred people but this is setting it in stone,' he said. 'There's no getting away from it, if it's good or bad
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 22, 2005
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