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THE RAINBOW WAVE: Kick off 2019 with over 150 new LGBTQ folks in office.

The mid-term election saw a shakedown of the hetero-patriarchy with a record-breaking 117 women and over 150 LGBTQ-identified candidates winning offices across the country.

Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema (left) beat out opponent Martha McSally, making history by becoming the first out bisexual elected to the U.S. Senate. She also became the state's first female senator.

Jared Polis also made history, becoming the first out gay man to be elected governor in America. People of color won big too: Democrats Sharice Davids (Kansas) and Deb Haaland (New Mexico) became the first Native American women elected to Congress (Davids is also a lesbian), while Rashida Tlaib (Michigan) and Ilhan Omar (Minnesota) have become the first Muslim women elected to Congress. Nevada's Kelvin Atkinson also made history becoming the first black LGBTQ state senate majority leader in the U.S.

The quest for visibility and equality will continue, but at least we have a lot more troops in the fight. Here are a few more LGBTQ politicians taking office this year:

Ahmad Zahra, Fullerton City Council Fullerton, Calif.

Alex Brown Chico City Council, Chico, Calif.

Alex Valdez, Colorado House of Representatives

Allison Dahle, North Carolina House of Representatives

Amanda Maris, North Carolina District Court Judge

Andrea Olsen, Montana House of Representatives

Andrew McLean, Maine House of Representatives

Angie Craig, U.S. House of Representatives, Minnesota District 2

Anne Kaiser. Maryland House of Delegates

Beach Pace, Hillsboro, Ore., City Council

Beau Miller, 190th Judicial District Court, Houston, Texas

Becca Balint, Vermont State Senate

Ben Ku, Gwinnett County, Ga., Commissioner

Betsy Driver, Mayor, Flemington, N.J.

Bill Lippert, Vermont House of Representatives

Bonnie Cullison, Maryland House of Delegates

Brandon Woodard, Kansas House of Representatives

Brian Garcia. Tempe Union High School

Governing Board #213, Tempe, Ariz.

Brian Sims, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Brianna Titone, Colorado House of Representatives

Bryce Bennett, Montana State Senate

Byron MacFarlane, Howard County, Md., Register of Wills

Caittin Giles-McCormick, Flemington, N.J., Borough Council

Cecil Brockman, North Carolina House of Representatives

Cecilia Horan, Circuit Court of Cook County, Ill.

Celia Israel, Texas House of Representatives

Cesar Chavez, Arizona House of Representatives

Charles Spain, Court of Appeals for the 14th District of Texas

Chelsea Branham, Oklahoma House of Representatives

Chris Pappas, U.S. House of Representatives, New Hampshire District 1

Christine Kilduff, Washington House of Representatives

Claire Wilson, Washington state Senate

C.M. Hall, Newport, Ore., City Council

Cody Thompson, West Virginia House of Delegates

Dana Nessel, Michigan Attorney General

Daneya Esgar, Colorado House of Representatives

Daniel Hernandez, Arizona House of Representatives

Darlene Martinez, Maricopa County, Ariz., Constable of Downtown Justice Court

David Cicilline, U.S. House of Representatives, Rhode Island District 1

Deb Butler, North Carolina House of Representatives

Debbie Ingram, Vermont State Senate

Deborah Glick, New York State Assembly

Debra Shore, Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, Chicago

Denise Davis, Redlands, Calif., City Council

Donna Nesselbush, Rhode Island State Senate

Evan Glass, Montgomery County, Md., Council

Evan Low, California State Assembly

Evan Ross, Amherst Mass., Town Council

Gabriel Acevero Maryland House of Delegates

Gabriel Quinto, El Cerrito, Calif., City Council

Garrett Muscatel. New Hampshire House of Representatives

Gerri Cannon, New Hampshire House of Representatives

Greg Ford, Wake County, N.C., Board of Commissioners

Greg Razer, Missouri House of Representatives

Harry Branson, New York State Assembly

Hunter Cantrell, Minnesota House of Representatives

Ian Mackey, Missouri House of Representatives

J.D. Ford, Indiana State Senate

Jack Lewis, Massachusetts House of Representatives

Jake Cunningham, Judge of 6th Circuit Court, Oakland County, Mich.

James Aguilar, San Leandro, Calif., Unified School District Governing Board

James Chang, Berkeley, Calif., Rent Stabilization Board

Jamie Pedersen. Washington State Senate

Jared Polis, Colorado Governor

Jason Cox, Harris County, Texas, Probate Court

Jason Morgan, Washtenaw County, Mich., Board of Commissioners

Jeremy Moss, Michigan State Senate

Jerry Simoneaux, Judge, Probate Court 1, Houston

Jessica Gonzalez, Texas House of Representatives

Jim Kovach, Harris Country, Texas, Civil Court at Law

JoCasta Zamarripa Wisconsin State Assembly

John Arrowood, North Carolina Court of Appeals

John McCrostie, Idaho House of Representatives

Jon Hoadley, Michigan House of Representatives

Jordan Brandman, Anaheim, Calif., City Council

Joshua Tenorio, Lieutenant Governor of Guam

Julia Fah, mayor of Lambertville, N.J.

Julian Cyr, Massachusetts State Senate

Julie Johnson, Texas House of Representatives

Justin Chenette, Maine State Senate

Karin Power, Oregon House of Representatives

Kate Brown, Governor of Oregon

Katie Hill, U.S. House of Representatives, California District 25

Katie Scott, Washtenaw, Mich., County Commissioner

Kevin Beiser, San Diego Unified School Board

Kevin LEmbo, Connecticut State Comptroller

Kevin Morrison, Cook County, Ill. Board Commissioner

Kyrsten Sinema. U.S. Senator, Arizona

Lamont Robinson, Illinois House of Representatives

Laure Parmer-Lohan, San Carlos, Calif., City Council

Laurie "Harrie" Farrow, Carroll County, Ark., Justice of the Peace

Laurie Jinkins, Washington House of Representatives

Leslie Herod, Colorado House of Representatives

Lidia Stiglich, Nevada Supreme Court

Lisa Bunker. New Hampshire House of Representatives

Liz Barrett, Frederick County, Md., Board of Education

Liz Bennett, Iowa House of Representative;

Lori Droste, Berkley, Calif., City Council

Luke Clippinger, Maryland House of Delegates

Malcolm Kenyatta, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Marcia Morey, North Carolina House of Representatives

Marisabel Cabrera, Wisconsin State Assembly

Mark Kleinschmidt, Orange County, N.C., Superior Court Clerk

Mark Pocan, U.S. House of Representatives Wisconsin District 2

Mark Spreitzer, Wisconsin State Assembly

Mark Takano. U.S. House of Representatives, California District 41

Marko Liias, Washington State Senate

Marque Snow, Omaha Public School Board of Education

Mary Gonzalez, Texas House of Representatives

Mary Washington, Maryland State Senate

Matt Titone, New York Surrogate's Court of Richmond County

Matthew Moonene, Maine House of Representatives

Matthew Wilson, Georgia House of Representatives

Maura Healey, Massachusetts Attorney General

Megan Hunt, Nebraska Legislature

Melanie Schelble Nevada State Senate

Miles Prince, San Gabriel Valley, Calif., Municipal Water District

Neil Rafferty. Alabama House of Representatives

Nickie Antonio, Ohio State Senate

Nicole Macri, Washington House of Representatives

Rafael Mandelman, San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Raghib Allie-Brennan, Connecticut House of Representatives

Raymond Gregory, Cathedral City Council, Calif.

Rebecca Kislak, Rhode Island House of Representatives

Renitta Shannon, Georgia House of Representatives

Rob Reneau, Peoria County, III., Board Member

Rochelle Galindo, Colorado House of Representatives

Rosanna Herber, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Sam Park, Georgia House of Representatives

Sam Yingling, Illinois House of Representatives

Samuel Bell, Rhode Island State Senate

Sarah Peake, Massachusetts House of Representatives

Scott Houston, West Basin Municipal Water District, Los Angeles County

Sean Patrick Maloney, U S. House of Representatives, New York District 18

Shannon Baldwin, Harris County, Texas, Criminal Court Judge

Sharice Davids, U.S. House of Representatives, Kansas District 3

Shawn Kumagai, Dublin, Calif., City Council

Shevrin Jones, Florida House of Representatives

Sonya Jaquez Lewis, Colorado House of Representatives

Susan Lamb, Lexington, Ky, City Council

Susan Ruiz, Kansas House of Representatives

Tammy Baldwin, U.S. Senator, Wisconsin

Teri Johnston, Mayor of Key West, Fla.

Tim Carpenter, Wisconsin State Senate

Tim Sneller, Michigan House of Representatives

Tina Kotek, Oregon House of Representatives

Tippi McCullough, Arkansas House of Representatives

Todd Gloria, California State Assembly

Tyller Williamson, Monterey, Calif., City Council

Wendy Berry, West St. Paul,Minn., City Council 1)


Caption: Head of Class: Krysten Sinema, Arizona's out bi Senator, is part of a new class of queer politicians
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