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(SOVIET UNION -- 1935)

A Moskinokombianat (Moscow) production. Directed by Aleksandr Macheret. Screenplay, Lev Slavin. Camera (B&W) Aleksei Utkin; music, L. Knipper; art director, Aleksandr Utkin. Reviewed at Locarno Film Festival (Soviet retro), Aug. 7, 2000. Original title: Chastnaya zhizn Petra Vinogradova. Running time: 88 MIN.

With: Boris Livanov, V. Chishevsky, Konstantin Gradopolov, Galina Pashkova, N. Ardi.

The hero of "The Private Life of Pyotr Vinogradov," a talented show-off who is enormously satisfied with himself and his motherland ("Life in the Soviet Union is devilishly beautiful!"), is a comic precursor to the amazing young Communists who would be mocked and exalted in Abram Room's "A Severe Young Man" the following year. Scheduling every minute of his student life in Moscow, the provincial Pyotr (Boris Livanov) overreaches himself in the g.f. department and in the end loses both girls.

Though never forbidden outright, this entertaining film by the interesting Azerbaijani director Aleksandr Macheret had an official shadow over it, probably because the very idea that a Soviet citizen could have a private life contrasted uncomfortably with official doctrine.

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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Young, Deborah
Article Type:Movie Review
Date:Aug 28, 2000
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