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THE PRISON MURDER CAPTURED ON CCTV; Victim was punched, hit with chair, stamped on and drenched in boiling water.

Byline: By Craig McDonald

SICKENING footage of a prisoner being beaten to death was played to a horrified court yesterday.

Monster David Martin floored victim Mick Cameron with a punch then stamped on his head while he lay motionless on the ground.

Martin then battered defenceless Mick with a chair before pouring scalding water over his head.

The horrific attack, captured on CCTV, took place in the health wing at Kilmarnock Prison.

After watching footage of the murder, the victim's brother said yesterday: "Words fail me after what I have seen today. What sort of person can do that?"

Martin, 20, from Irvine, Ayrshire, was on remand at the time for the earlier killing of Gilbert Grierson, 46, who had two artifical legs.

He yesterday admitted murdering Mick and a lesser charge of culpable homicide over Gilbert's death.

The High Court in Glasgow heard Mick, 21, was killed in the prison at about 11.30pm on June 16, 2006.

Paul McBride, prosecuting, told the court a prison officer was standing outside the ward while the threeminute attack happened.

But prison protocol was not to intervene unless there were three members of staff available. That night, there were only two staff - a nurse and a guard - in the wing.

Mick was first struck with a broken bottle hidden in a sock in the toilet next to the ward where he was being held with Martin and two other men.

At one point, the killer looked down to check his victim's head before resuming kicking and stamping on him.

Martin grabbed a chair and battered Mick with it several times. He then fetched a kettle, checked it was hot, and poured it over his victim's head.

After beating him with the empty kettle, Martin then began to kick Mick's head again before guards intervened.

As he was dragged away, Martin again kicked Mick on the head and shouted "Beast".

The thug, who watched footage of his attack intently yesterday, nodded and smiled as this detail was read out.

The court heard Mick was taken to Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock, but pronounced dead the next morning.

Aconsultant said his injuries were the worst he'd seen in 10 years working in accident and emergency.

The court heard Martin claimed he carried out his attack because Mick had raped his sister. The allegation was investigated and found to be false.

Mick, 21, had been remanded on an allegation of raping another woman, which pals say was also untrue.

Martin's first victim, Gilbert, known as Gibby, suffered from Buerger's disease, as a result of which both his legs had been amputated below the knee. He had a relationship with Martin's mum.

On March 13, 2006, smoke was seen coming from Gibby's house and his body was found inside.

He had multiple injuries, including a stab wound to the left cheek, which had fractured his eye socket, and a penetrating stab wound to the lower back caused by a pair of scissors.

He'd been hit with a frying pan and bottle. The house had been set on fire and Gibby died from smoke inhalation.

His victim's distraught sister Marie, also of Irvine, said: "Gibby was no angel but he did not deserve what happened.

"How Martin can do this sort of thing to another human being is beyond me - he's worse than an animal."

Yesterday, Mick's brother, David Cameron, 39, of Ardrossan, said: "Martin heard an accusation, which was false. I'm distressed but I had to come to court for some kind of closure."

Martin will be sentenced on March 20.

'Words fail me after seeing film. What sort of person can do that?'


SICKENING: CCTV shows Martin's brutal attack on Mick in Kilmarnock Prison's health unit. Right, Martin at court
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 22, 2008
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