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For those embracing manual pour-over coffee making, having a gooseneck kettle has become de rigeur.

So named because of its curved neck spout, the gooseneck kettle controls both the amount of hot water hitting the freshly ground coffee and the precision of the pour. A traditional kettle's opening is usually too large for an accurate pour-over experience.

As a result of pour-over's popularity, there's a growing gaggle of goosenecks on the market, both stovetop and electric models.

Benny Itzkowitz, director of product development at Gourmia, which has produced a few electric gooseneck kettles, said the kettle design came to light as they were studying the pour-over category. "It's part of the whole ceremony," he said.

Bialetti, which has a few pour-over products, also offers a stovetop gooseneck kettle, said Chris Welch, director of product management for Bradshaw Home. And they encourage retailers to merchandise the product together "so the section tells a complete story."

"It also educates those consumers who may just be getting into craft coffee and may not know what is needed to brew a pour-over," Welsh said.

Under its Capresso brand, Jura Inc. began offering a gooseneck kettle this year, said April Strogen, director of marketing. Pour-over, she explained, produces a very different taste than regular coffee. "You can really taste the nuances," she said.

The gooseneck kettle enhances that experience, especially with the ability to control everything from the pour speed to the water temperature. Capresso's kettle has 72 temperature settings, making it useful for tea as well as coffee, she said.

Other features geared to pour-over aficionados are a timer in the base so users can see the timer and the temperature simultaneously.

To develop the kettle, Strogen said they worked with professional baristas, bringing 3D-printed handles to them to get their feedback.

"We spent the most time on the handle," explained Strogen. "With pour-over, you can spend up to four minutes holding the kettle, so we focused on the handle for both comfort and control. If it's good enough for professional baristas, then the home user will appreciate it as well."

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Author:Friedrick, Joanne
Publication:HFN Home Furnishings News
Date:Jul 1, 2018
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