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THE PAST CATCHES UP WITH MAYA; Emmerdale STV HUNTED... Maya is missing.

This week's episodes are slightly unconventional, returning to events two weeks ago at the club in a series of flashbacks.

After spotting Maya and Jacob kissing, Priya runs to get Leyla and Tracy. The trio have a confrontation with Maya, bundle her into a car and drive away. Maya manages to give them the slip, but the women are in hot pursuit. As a dramatic chase ensues, events take a terrifying turn.

Jacob is distraught when Maya goes missing, and when her scarf is found in the woods, he assumes the worst and starts to fear for Maya's life. Elsewhere, Billy races to the club after receiving a threatening text from Max.

The fire alarm rings and the club's occupants vacate the premises, but Ellis is stabbed in the commotion.

As old secrets and new revelations come to light, the village is in shock at the dramatic events at the club.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 4, 2019
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