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THE PASSION; EXCLUSIVE Forbidden kiss that will get Fair City hot under the dog collar..a week before Easter.


THESE are the steamy scenes that will rock the nation when Dolores finally gets her man.

The Fair City storyline of forbidden passion between Father Thaddeus and the kind-hearted widow will heat up this week.

And the scenes will set tongues wagging in Carrigstown and all over the country.

A Fair City insider said: "Dolores has been very lonely since Harry died - she's had a few hints at romance that haven't amounted to anything.

"She and Father Thaddeus have been getting friendly over the past few months.

"At first that's all it was - but with the parallels in their personal lives they have leaned on each other for support.

"And slowly but surely their feelings have started to grow.

"People have noticed this and they have warned Dolores and Fr Thaddeus to stay away from each other. But it hasn't worked."

And on Monday their platonic relationship changes to something entirely different when Fr Thaddeus drops over to Dolores. The insider added: "Fr Thaddeus calls to see Dolores and she offers him dinner as she's home alone.

"He accepts her offer, knowing he shouldn't. They are talking on the sofa and then they kiss.

"Fr Thaddeus gets hot under the Roman collar and forgets that he's married to the priesthood.

"They have both been trying to deny what's going on but finally it just bubbles to the surface and they can't control their feelings any longer.

"They sleep together but Fr Thaddeus leaves before Cleo gets home."

And even though Dolores feels happy again at last, her joy will be short-lived as people begin to find out what's going on.

The insider said: "The next day Dolores is on top of the world but when she tries to contact her new lover, he ignores the calls.

"But she finds out that the curate Fr Bertie is away at a family wedding so she gets dressed up and heads for the parochial house.

"Fr Thaddeus is in turmoil but Dolores tells him that she'll leave if that's what he really wants.

"He gives in and kisses her again. In the morning they are nearly caught by Fr Bertie who catches them in a clinch.

"And of course true love never runs smooth in Carrigstown."


LOVERS The moment platonic friendship ends; AFFAIR: Dolores and Fr Thaddeus
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 14, 2008
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