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Live it A GO!

Wilderness Camp

Imagine the confidence you'd have in the outdoors from knowing you could light a fire, purify water or recognise safe wild foods. Give it a go at the Wilderness Camp and pick up some essential survival skills from Girlguiding UK and Bushcraft magazine.

Mountain Biking

The feel-good glow gleaned from pushing those pedals as you negotiate a trail is well-earned. Freewheel downhill, push hard uphill - it's healthy adrenalin-inducing stuff. Give it a go with a personalised coaching session at the MB7 timber obstacle course.


A world of cavernous chasms and hidden passages lie beneath our feet - there's a wealth of caves throughout Britain. Under 18s can 'Give it a Go' with the British Caving Association - navigate your path through the onsite cave.


Soar through the air without a care in the world. There's no noise, no pollution - just you, flying with lift from the wind and sun. Give it a go on the paragliding simulator - the only one in the UK.


Make like Spiderman and scale great heights - be it on an indoor wall or a craggy face. Give it a go at the Ford Ranger Climb Zone and let instructors help your first foot holds on the climbing wall, giant stalactite and boulders.


Capture stunning sunsets, daring escapades and perfect moments at the snap of a shutter. Give it a go at the Regatta Perfect Spot with workshops from Scotland's favourite landscape photographer, Colin Prior.

High Ropes

Climbing and crawling your way through a high ropes course, navigating the obstacles and safely getting both feet back on solid ground is a challenge for all. Give it a go at the ASGC Rope-A-Phobia and see how quickly you can complete the course.


Escape to the aquatic underworld of coral seascapes, docile turtles and curious clown fish as you paddle your way through the waters of the world. Give it a go in the dive pool, if it's your first time, instructors will help you to breathe underwater, if you're an old hand ask them for the latest advice.


Ride the power of the waves - the spray splashes your face and the board cuts through the shallows. Give it a go at the Freespirit Beach Festival where instructors will be running clinics

on the basics.



You can dive anywhere there's water, from your local swimming pool to the furthest away ocean - and every lake, stream, quarry and spring in between (with permission, of course).

Get in touch with your local PADI centre ( - they'll train you and kit you out - Take your PADI Open Water course and you're qualified to dive anywhere in the world


Go with an experienced caver

Visit to find a local group

Take a spare lamp - you don't want to be caught in the dark


Take a taster session at your local climbing wall. Find one at

Focus on moving efficiently - it's not just about physical ability

Practice technique with bouldering - low climbing without ropes


Master the technicalities of your camera

Learn the difference between what your eye and your camera lens see

Use a tripod - camera shake can affect even the steadiest arm


Have a few lessons with a British Surfing Association (BSA) approved school -

Head to the coast of Cornwall, Devon or Wales for the best waves in Britain

All you need is to be able to swim 50 metres comfortably


Train with a professional instructor certified by the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

It's very weather dependent so consider training abroad with a British company - it could save you a lot of time

Always buy a paraglide from a reputable source this isn't something to pick up cheap on eBay


Find a bike that fits properly at your friendly local bike shop

Learn what your bike can do - test how strong your brakes are on a grassy slope

Momentum is your friend. It's harder to balance the slower you go


It's suitable for all ages and abilities

With a wide range of elements available, there's something achievable for everyone

It's a great way to build trust between those belaying and those taking the challenge


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