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THE ODD COUPLE; Clive Sinclair, 58, is one of Britain's greatest inventors. Angie Bowness, 21, is an ex-Miss England. Together they make..

HE IS the Mensa genius who made millions through his inventions - but even Sir Clive Sinclair couldn't have dreamt this up.

The celebrated 58-year-old - one of Britain's cleverest men - has won the heart of 21-year-old former Miss England Angie Bowness.

But this is no casual fling. Sir Clive revealed last night that he has big plans for their relationship.

He said: "I really do hope something comes of it. I hope it will be the one that lasts."

Perched 100ft above London, Sir Clive creates new inventions from a chic navy and white loft penthouse overlooking King's Cross station.

The bachelor pad, one floor above photographer David Bailey, is worth more than pounds 1million.

As he sits surveying the skyline Sir Clive shrugs off criticism of the age gap with blonde Angie. He said: "She is only 21 but that isn't the important factor."

The beauty and the brain first met when Angie was a dancer at Stringfellow's nightclub in London.

Sir Clive said: "I enjoyed her company but it seemed to come to nothing.

"Then a month ago we started seeing each other again. It is early days and we'll just have to see what happens. I hope it works though."

Angie is returning to work at Stringfellow's Cabaret of Angels next week.

Owner Peter Stringfellow said last night: "Angie could take her pick of young guys but she wants Sir Clive.

"She will appreciate the man's intellect and experience. He may not be as good looking as me but who is?"

In a bizarre twist technology king Sir Clive is not yet on the Internet - but Angie is.

The 5ft 8in former Nottingham beauty therapist appears alongside her vital statistics of 32-24-34 on a website run by her model agency.

She was Miss England in 1996 and runner up to Miss UK the year before.

But balding Sir Clive is not fazed about his ability to attract gorgeous girls.

Since his divorce in 1985 he has dated Mensa beauty Bernadette Tynan, Patsy Kensit's cousin Ruth, Howard's Way actress Sally Farmiloe and Hellmann's mayonnaise girl Tricia Walsh.

Of course, Sir Clive does not lead a humdrum life. He is often spotted playing poker at top London casinos or hosting parties for his Mensa pals.

MI6 even wanted to recruit him as a spy. He said: "Sadly it did not come to anything."

Riches have also brought problems. After the launch of his much-mocked Sinclair C5 electric car he became embroiled in a blackmail plot.

The gadget freak said: "It was unpleasant at first but it all became rather exciting. I received a demand for a small fortune on my fax machine and two of Scotland Yard's finest were sent over.

"They set up an operations room and had all this amazing technology. But we never received another threat."

Calculations never stop whirling around Sir Clive's 159 IQ mind. He is a fan of the Millennium Dome and casually revealed the structure will contain 10,000 tonnes of air.

The pioneer of cheap home computers, pocket calculators and digital watches also has his own Millennium project - the flying car.

Though it sounds far-fetched Sir Clive is a modern-day Leonardo Da Vinci. Like his 15th century predecessor he is used to sneers.

He said: "People have talked about flying cars for generations but I have seen how to make it a reality.

"A prototype will be ready in about 10 years. The cars would be under computer control and driven in lanes using satellite navigation.

"Pollution is so appalling now that it is extremely serious and we need a solution.

"The trouble is people are very reluctant to see change. The thing about being an inventor is not just having the idea but turning it into practice and getting it to the public.

"Although I'm only just getting the Internet in my office I have played with it a bit and it's obviously going to change the world. It is absolutely astonishing."

Apart from flying cars Sir Clive and his research team are trying to perfect an ultra lightweight bike which folds up like an umbrella.

Princes William and Harry are among 20,000 people who already have a Sinclair electric bike - or Zike.

Sir Clive said: "I have this tremendous interest in cycling and I'm talking to local authorities to get more safe cycle routes."

All this in the week when the Government unveiled its transport blueprint for the 21st century.

It just goes to show - Sir Clive is light years ahead already.
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Author:Blackman, Oonagh
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 22, 1998
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