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THE NEW SOUND OF NORTHERN IRELAND; A look at local bands and venues that are a little off the beaten track ands and venues that are a little off the beaten track; The Beautiful North.

Byline: with DJ & broadcaster RIGSY

To my delight, one thing that's stood out while I've been presenting my show on Radio Ulster thus far in 2014, is the amount of shout outs I've ended up giving to towns and villages outside of Derry and Belfast. You expect those two cities to pull their weight of course, but it's always a lovely surprise to discover a band from a nook or cranny I had forgot existed. Being from the sticks myself (well, Newcastle), I know what it's like to be a band in a town without a scene - you end up having to create one yourself. While basking in the glory of being a medium sized fish in a very tiny pond - at least that's what we tried to do!

Each of the ten bands listed this week have three things in common. They're brand new - in that they haven't released an album. They're from Northern Ireland, but not Derry or Belfast. And they've all received airplay and praise on Across the Line in 2014 - which means they're good.

So, to those who claim the likes of myself are too Belfast/Derry-centric read on and discover!

Also - ten notable venues also included, for good measure. The last few years our gig guide has been loaded with shows in new venues springing up all over the country. Turns out wherever you live, you're never that far from a decent racket! If your local venue is doing great things but isn't on the map - get in touch! After all, nothing beats a random road trip.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Mar 7, 2014
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