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 NATICK, Mass., Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- The MathWorks, Inc., developers of MATLAB(R), today introduced the Symbolic Math Toolbox, two extensions to MATLAB that integrate powerful symbolic computing with high-performance numeric computation. Both products, which begin shipping next month, are based on embedded versions of Maple V, developed by Waterloo Maple Software. These are the first products resulting from The MathWorks' strategic alliance with Waterloo Maple Software.
 "Until now, users who need both numeric and symbolic computation have had to make tradeoffs between speed and symbolic functionality with their current packages," said Cleve Moler, chief scientist at The MathWorks. "With the Symbolic Math Toolboxes, scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals can easily combine the speed, numeric robustness, and vertical application tools of MATLAB with the symbolic computational power and specialized mathematical tools of Maple V.
 "In a typical engineering task such as dynamic system modeling, the engineer initially uses calculus to develop a theoretical model, which requires symbolic computing for an exact analytical solution. Numeric computation is useful in the next stage, in testing the model on large amounts of data or using it to perform simulations," added Moler. "We have taken a major step forward by offering the best of both worlds in a single package -- the industry-leading numeric computing software and the industry's most highly regarded symbolic package -- without making compromises on accuracy or performance."
 The Symbolic Math Toolbox includes new MATLAB commands for more than 50 of the most commonly used symbolic functions in Maple. The toolbox also provides commands for variable precision arithmetic, direct access to the Maple kernel and Maple's core math library and linear algebra module, which come with the product. MATLAB users can access the full range of Maple functions via a new "maple" command.
 The Extended Toolbox is a superset that includes access to Maple's programming language, the ability to create and execute Maple functions and applications, and the complete set of more than 20 Maple software packages for specialized fields such as number theory, power series, and geometry.
 MATLAB is the most powerful numeric computing environment available today, providing hundreds of math and visualization functions such as matrix computation, numerical analysis, signal processing, object- oriented graphics, image display, animation, and more. MATLAB's 4GL programming language, graphics, and application-specific toolboxes allow users to analyze and visualize data, analyze and optimize engineering systems designs and algorithms, and create mathematical models.
 Pricing for the Symbolic Math Toolbox will be $495, and the Extended Math Toolbox will be $695. University discount pricing for the Symbolic Math Toolbox will be $195, and the Extended Math Toolbox will be $495. The first platforms to become available will be the Sun SPARCstation and Microsoft Windows 3.1. Versions for other MATLAB platforms, including Macintosh, HP 700 series, Silicon Graphics, IBM RISCsystem/6000, Digital DECstation Ultrix, Alpha OSF/1 and VAX/VMS will become available later this year.
 MATLAB Toolboxes extend the product by adding specialized functions for particular applications. These include neural networks, signal processing, control system design and analysis, system identification, and optimization. The toolboxes are created by world class experts in their respective fields and represent theory and algorithms at the cutting edge of scientific and engineering research.
 Maple is the most powerful interactive computer algebra system for symbolic computation. Maple can solve the widest range of problems of any computer algebra system on the market, and speeds through elaborate calculations that would take hours or days to do on paper. It is widely recognized as providing reliable, accurate results.
 Waterloo Maple Software is a private company founded in 1988 to market, distribute, and support MAPLE symbolic math software. The Maple software program was created in 1980 when Professors Gaston Gonnet and Keith Geddes of the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada joined together to produce the first symbolic math software product for minicomputers. Maple V is currently used by more than 100,000 engineers, scientists, mathematicians and students worldwide, and installations include some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Maple V is available for many UNIX platforms, Microsoft Windows, DOS, Macintosh, NeXT, VAX/VMS, and AmigaDOS systems.
 The MathWorks, Inc., based in Natick, Mass., develops, markets and supports high-performance software for interactive numeric computation, visualization and dynamic system simulation. The MathWorks' products are used worldwide by more than 140,000 users at leading commercial and government research laboratories and organizations, as well as at hundreds of educational institutions. MATLAB is available for MS-DOS and Apple Macintosh PCs; Sun, HP Digital, IBM and Silicon Graphics workstations; VAX/VMS computers; and Convex and Cray supercomputers.
 NOTE: MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc. Maple and Maple V are registered trademarks of Waterloo Maple Software.
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 /CONTACT: Joanne Dawson of The MathWorks, Inc., 508-653-1415, ext. 418; or Gene Carozza of Rourke & Company, 617-267-0042, for The MathWorks, Inc./

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