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THE LORD'S SECOND COMING.. Flatley vows new show will be his best ever.


DANCE king Michael Flatley last night vowed to deliver his greatest ever show for Irish fans, telling us: "I'm back - being in your 50s is the new 30s."

The hot mover will make an incredible comeback despite hitting his half-century when he storms Dublin's O2 on November 13.

And after having to pull out of his last tour through illness, the millionaire star was clearly back to his best as he spoke from LA.

He said: "I'm totally ready for this. I'm cut, ripped and ready.

"I wake up early and I do a double espresso. I get on the treadmill and I go through all my calls to my businesses.

"While I'm running I'm ringing through to Ireland, the Far East, Germany - and then when I've tired all them out I call my associates here in LA.

"After an hour I jump off, have breakfast with my family and then do 18 holes on the golf course, walking the whole seven miles and carrying my bag."

The US-born star denied his big Irish comeback would be his swan song, insisting he can keep it up for decades to come. He added: "It's natural people will speculate that.

"I don't even see it as my swan song. Fred Astaire was in movies until he was in his 70s. Mick Jagger's 20 years older than me. It's not about, 'Is it going to be my last?' It's about putting on the greatest show I possibly can."

The star has been living in Beverly Hills for the past two years with his wife Niamh and threeyear-old son Michael Jnr. He said: "I just love being a daddy. I spend my days taking my son to the park, going on walks with my wife. We do normal things.

"We've never been about money - money only gives you so much happiness. We live a nice normal life and focus on the important things. Of course, more children would be amazing, but it's in the hands of God." Tickets for the Dublin show in November go on sale next Thursday.


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 24, 2010
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