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THE Northern Lights provided a spectacular show across the skies of North Wales.

The phenomenon, called the Aurora Borealis, could be seen from around 9.45pm on Thursday and lasted an hour.

Garry Owens took some incredible images from Prestatyn, while Tracey Snelus was at Penmon with the lighthouse providing a stunning setting.

Tracey, a member of Astronomy for Fun, said: "It was a spectacular sight, and quite a crowd turned out. At 9.45pm the show really picked up with columns of green and red reaching high up towards the zenith.

"The aurora is rarely seen at lower lattitudes, and to have seen it with the reds extending right up was even more amazing. I was overwhelmed and I can only express it as sheer joy to have witnessed this. Perhaps a once in a life time sighting."

Go to to see more pictures of the Northern Lights above N.Wales


Splash Point, Rhyl by @L0KKO

Penmon, Anglesey by Tracey Snelus

Ffrith Gardens, Rhyl/Prestatyn by @L0KKO

Trawsfynydd by Keil Obrien

Beaumaris by Kat Kingsley Hughes

The Northern Lights captured above Black Point on Anglesey by Kristofer Williams
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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Mar 1, 2014
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