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Life expectancy is increasing - but the rate at which it is doing so in some countries is stalling IMPROVEMENTS to the UK's life expectancy are stalling, new figures have revealed. The Office for National Statistics compared changes to average life expectancies in 20 countries across the world, between 2005-10 and 2011-16.

The data shows that the UK has experienced one of the steepest slowdowns to both male and female life expectancies during that time.

In the years 2005-10, male life expectancy in the UK increased by 17 weeks a year, while female life expectancy increased by 13 weeks annually.

These improvements are largely thanks to progress in treating infectious diseases, health improvements in the general population, advances in medical care such as heart disease treatments and behavioural changes such as fewer people smoking.

, ctancy However, by 2011-2016, the life expectancy for men in the UK was growing by just four weeks a year, while for women the figure was one week.

A boy born in 2016 could expect to live 79.2 years, while a girl born the same year can expect to me Improvements women's life have more than in Italy live to 82.9 years old.

The drop seen in 2011-16 means that improvements in life expectancies for women nearly stopped entirely, having decreased by 91%.

That's the worst slowdown seen out of all 20 countries reviewed by the ONS.

reviewe O i Meanwhile, men in the UK saw improvements to life expectancies drop by more than three quarters (76%) - again one of the worst slowdowns, second only to the USA. Other countries that have seen progress s on O hav to expectancy doubled p ectancy lling ks , stall for men include Spain (with life expectancy increases falling from 17 weeks to 10 weeks), Portugal (down from 19 to 13 weeks), and Germany (down from 11 to seven weeks).

e en Life expectancies are improving any other the Behind the UK's women were the USA (down from 11 weeks to just two), the Netherlands (down from 13 weeks to seven), and Portugal (down from 15 weeks to 10).

In comparison, Japan has seen gg the biggest improvement in the average annual increase in life expectancies for both men and women.

l fora During 2005-2010, the average male life expectancy increased by five weeks a year.

20 Throughout 2011-2016, that had more than tripled to 16 weeks a year.

in Japan faster than country in report trip y Women in Japan saw even better improvements, with increases soaring from two weeks annually between 2005-2010 to 13 weeks between 2011-2016.

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Date:Dec 19, 2018
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