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THE KING AND HIGH; EXCLUSIVE Wills 'spliff pal' says he was set up on pub crawl.


PRINCE William's hell-raising pal Guy Pelly apologised last night after he was filmed smoking cannabis while the pair were on a boozy night out.

He was caught on camera puffing on the joint after being deliberately set up during a pub crawl with Wills on Saturday night.

Pelly, 23, last night told friends he was very sorry for embarrassing the Prince.

One pal said: "He feels really bad. He's really disappointed and feels he's let down William, but also that he's been tricked."

Pelly, who was wrongly accused of introducing Wills' brother Harry to cannabis when the young Prince was just 16, was passed the joint in a pub.

A pretty girl came over and handed him the cigarette as he danced with William, the Prince's girlfriend Kate Middleton and a group of other friends.

Pelly told pals that as he took a drag he suddenly spotted that he was being filmed and realised he had been set up.

William had been enjoying a pub crawl with his mates on his first free weekend after five tough weeks of Army training at Sandhurst. The group was downing shots of spirits and beer as they danced at the Tunnel House Inn in Coates, Glos.

It is a favourite haunt of William and Harry when they are at Prince Charles's Highgrove estate.

Pelly's friend added: "They had been out drinking all night. He had one too many and did something stupid.

"Everyone in the group feels that he was targeted because he was with Wills and was in their group. He wouldn't do anything knowingly to embarrass William."

Farmer's son Pelly is a leading member of the rich "aristobrat" friends who were accused of encouraging Prince Harry's wild drinking and partying before he went to Sandhurst.

He is notorious for stripping to his boxer shorts on drunken nights out - and was at the infamous fancy dress party when Harry wore a Nazi uniform, complete with swastika armband.

At the party himself Pelly dressed as the Queen, wearing a wig, crown and long white gloves as he joined Wills on stage.

He had 250 guests in stitches with his routine as he did an impression of the princes' grandmother.

Palace aides believed former agriculture student Pelly had introduced Harry to cannabis, a claim that was always strenuously denied by the Prince's friends.

Furious Prince Charles was said to have told Harry to stop seeing Pelly after he stripped naked in front of shocked VIP guests at a charity polo match three years ago.

But both Wills and Harry have refused and both remain staunchly loyal to their friend.

Pelly has recently been keen to launch a showbiz career and considered offers to appear on Have I Got News For You and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

He was also among a group of close friends who joined Wills on a ski holiday at Klosters in 2004 where the Prince was spotted kissing Kate, then his new girlfriend.

Pelly and Harry became close pals during Wills's gap year when the younger prince landed in trouble for his under-age drinking at the Rattlebone Inn in Sherston, Wilts.

After Harry admitted taking drugs, Pelly told the Mirror: "It's got nothing to do with me. I don't know what you're on about."

But he later left a land management course at Cirencester agricultural college because of the storm caused by the accusations.

Fun-loving Pelly has however earned the grudging respect of even senious members of the Royal Family for his refusal to dish their secrets.

Even when falsely accused of introducing Harry to cannabis he refused to land his friend in more trouble.

Despite his reputation for gaffes, Pelly is a leading member of Harry's entourage - known as Club H. And he regularly seen at the Prince's side at Twickenham or nightclubs.


EMBARRASSMENT: Pelly said sorry for joint on night out with Wills' WILLIAM Partying Prince was on a pub crawl with Pelly' GUY Rich 'aristobrat' known for enjoying wild lifestyle' ROYAL HANG-OUT: The Tunnel House Inn
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 13, 2006
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