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THE KILLING FILES; DWYER MURDER TRIAL: DAY 22 Documents on how to take people's lives discovered on O'Hara's PC.


DOCUMENTS explaining how to kill people and maps of Killakee Mountains were found on Elaine O'Hara's laptop, a court heard yesterday.

Det Gda Brid Wallace, from the force's computer crime unit, was continuing to give evidence at the murder trial of architect Graham Dwyer.

She found a sub folder on the victim's Apple Mac laptop called "Read this" which contained a book called Murder Inc. The Book by Jack the Rippa.

Prosecutor Sean Guerin said the book listed "a number of different ways of killing people and identifies methods for picking a target and various ways to kill people".

Det Gda Wallace replied: "That is correct." The officers also extracted the file "21 techniques. pdf ". Mr Guerin said: "It appears to be a publication or book called 21 Techniques for Silent killing." He added it was by a Master Hei Long and published by Boulder Press in Colorado.

It had four chapters titled "Manual Weapons", "Spike", "Knife" and "Nunchaku".

And a pdf called Hidden Secret Weapons - a 35-page booklet style document giving an account of various weapons was also discovered.

The detective also searched the MacBook for internet activity and found a Google search for a prostitute stabbed 48 times.

Google maps of Killakee in the Dublin mountains - where Ms O'Hara's remains were found in September 2013 - were extracted from her blue HP laptop.

The images showed areas in the mountains - among them Cruagh and Killakee Woods, as well as images of the Reservoir in Roundwood, Co Wicklow, where items belonging to Ms O'Hara were found in 2013. But Gda Wallace said there were no date or time stamps on these images extracted from Elaine's blue HP laptop.

An email conversation between the victim and a person with the email address dated September 19,2008 was also read out to the jury.

The court heard this message was sent by an email address linked to a profile called architect72 on an adult website Ms O'Hara had been a member of.

The email from "fetishboy" said: "I hope you are keeping ok. Assumed you are trying to get better and trying to stay away from what we do together.

"I completely understand. You should know I am always thinking of you and hoping you are safe and not suffering too much on the inside.

"Anytime you want I will gladly carry out what I promised I would do, regardless of the consequences. You can call me from a phone box - even if it's months away or years.

"I am always waiting. Get in touch any time for a chat or for the simple harmless things you like to do. Take care x sir."

Det Gda Wallace testified of her search of an old Dell Inspiron computer, sold by Ms O'Hara in 2010, and last accessed by her in March of that year.

Mr Guerin said the court would hear evidence "in due course" that architect72 had the email address, which was traced to an email being used by Ms O'Hara,

During her laptop searches, Det Gda Wallace also found the document Dyslexia and Reading. doc in a folder called Special Ed 2. The court had already heard Ms O'Hara was studying to be a Montessori teacher. She Det opened the document, which was headed: Reading and Dyslexia by Elaine O'Hara.

Referring to the four-page paper the officer said: "It appears to be an essay or assignment of some description."

The jury was also shown graphic images of people who had hanged themselves.

Under cross examination, Det Gda Wallace told defence barrister Remy Farrell she had extracted a number of images from the MacBook that appeared to have come from a website called bestgore. com.

These were found in folders named, Killing, and Dead Files on the desktop.

The detective agreed it would appear that these pictures had been saved to the computer.

These included images entitled: Raped, Murdered Hindu Woman, Bangladesh; Chinese Man Stabs Girlfriend; Young Woman Stabbed, Throat Slit. Others were entitled Asian Woman Hung; Chinese Man Stabs Wife; Naked Woman Hanged, Railing, Mexico.

Ms O'Hara's skeletal remains were found on Killakee Mountain in Rathfarnham on 13 September 2013, more than a year after she went missing.

She was last seen alive near Shanganagh Cemetery, Shankhill, Dublin on August 22, 2012 Architect Dwyer, 42, of Kerrymount Close, Foxrock, Dublin 18, denies murdering the 36-year-old woman on August 22 2012.

The trial continues next Wednesday in front of Mr Justice Tony Hunt and a jury of seven men and five women.


EVIDENCE Det Gda Brid Wallace

DEFENDANT Graham Dwyer denies murder

CHILLING Some of the macabre files found on laptop

VICTIM Elaine O'Hara was killed in August 2012

SCENE Killakee Woods, Co Dublin where Ms O'Hara's body was found
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 21, 2015
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