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SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 25, 1995--Cyberspace Development Inc. and InterMind Corp. announce the release of TIA 2.0, a new version of The Internet Adapter, the Internet connectivity software.

TIA enables any organization offering Internet access the ability to extend its users all the speed, functionality and features of SLIP/PPP using their existing infrastructure, without the related configuration and maintenance concerns. In addition to supporting SLIP, TIA 2.0 features the enhanced speed of CSLIP along with PPP, the industry standard serial-line communication protocol for TCP/IP.

Academic, corporate, and commercial service providers all cite a number of reasons why TIA is easier to install and maintain than conventional SLIP or PPP, the foremost being that TIA's innovative design eliminates the requirement for users to have their own IP address. Instead, TIA uses the IP address of the host computer for all users connected to that host. TIA recognizes Internet traffic intended for each connected TIA user and directs each transmission back to the appropriate recipient.

TIA 2.0 is designed to interoperate with any industry-standard SLIP or PPP client software package on any platform, including client software developed before the release of TIA 2.0. Likewise, the new release is fully compatible with Windows 95.

"TIA is faster, easier to use, and gives 99% of the people everything they want," says Joe Ilacqua, sysop of, a mid-sized Denver-area Internet Service Provider. "There's really nothing to fuss with when setting up a TIA customer." A university System Administrator adds: "We were using SLIP before purchasing TIA, and the overhead associated with managing IP addresses would have become somewhat cumbersome if we'd not found TIA." TIA is available to host and site customers for a three-week trial period. Pricing for TIA site licenses starts at $495; interested sites should contact the TIA Licensing Specialist at 206/545-7565 for more information.


TIA allows an organization to leverage its existing infrastructure to give its users graphical Internet access. Typically, this results in cost savings for providers of Internet access, whether commercial, corporate, or academic. Implementing TIA requires no new hardware investment, is less expensive to deploy than traditional terminal servers, and is easier to set up and maintain.

Speed is a major reason TIA is preferred by organizations offering Internet access. Because TIA operates as a gateway between the client and the host, TCP/IP packets that require reissuing due to network transmission errors are handled by TIA directly, bypassing the need for the client to be involved. The comparatively slow modem leg is effectively eliminated during retransmissions, improving performance an average of 5% to 15%. The addition of VJ Header Compression to TIA 2.0 further expands that speed.

By eliminating the need for individual IP address ranges, TIA reduces an organization's risk in a rapidly growing network where IP addresses are becoming more and more difficult to obtain. Should an organization choose to change Internet providers in the future, using TIA insulates it from the shock of having to renumber its users, an organizational nightmare whether renumbering hundreds or thousands of users. And, of course, the lack of IP addressing means it is not contributing to the demand for increasingly rare IP addresses.

TIA 2.0 and Windows 95

TIA 2.0 is fully compatible with Windows 95. For TIA users moving to Windows 95, TIA remains the ideal Internet access utility, allowing them direct, fully graphical access to the Internet Service Provider of their choice.

In addition, the configuration options within Windows 95 make it even easier for individual users to configure their desktop computer for the Internet. Windows 95's built-in TCP/IP stack, Dial-Up Adapter and Make New Connection Wizard, partnered with TIA, allow instant Internet access for Windows 95 users, without the expense of a conventional SLIP/PPP account.


A unique option available to organizations providing Internet access is the EmBarque Internet Application Installer and Toolbar for Windows. EmBarque (previously known as "EnCompass") automatically installs and configures a Winsock stack plus eight popular Internet software applications on any Windows PC.

EmBarque enables an organization to efficiently and inexpensively equip its users with all the tools it needs for graphical Internet access. Sites interested in providing this alternative to their users should contact for more information.


TIA is sold on-line through the World Wide Web site of Cyberspace Development Inc., the developers of TIA. Details on how to receive an evaluation license, web forms for purchasing TIA, and specific product information are available via World Wide Web ( All information is also available by gopher or ftp to Additionally, all information may be obtained via automatic mailbot (electronic robot): send a blank email message (no body or subject) to to receive our basic information document. Or, to receive a faxed document about TIA, call 800/807-3601.

The TIA Team

TIA is jointly delivered by InterMind Corp. and Cyberspace Development Inc. InterMind is a Seattle firm whose mission is the development of new technologies for intelligent information exchange. InterMind worked closely in the design of the net-based sales system used to sell TIA, and is responsible for TIA marketing and sales.

Cyberspace Development Inc. (CyberDev) is a start-up based in Boulder, Colo., developing software products for Internet connectivity, commerce and publishing. They developed The Internet Adapter and the online systems used to sell this successful product directly on the net. CyberDev pledges to honor wishes for personal privacy and reasonable anonymity, to avoid unsolicited advertising, and to provide tools that enable one to avoid contact with digital content they find offensive. For more information, please send email to or browse


The Internet Adapter is a trademark of Cyberspace Development Inc. InterMind is a trademark of InterMind Corp. Tia is a trademark of InterMind Corp. EmBarque is a trademark of SandyBeach Inc. Windows 95 is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.

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Date:Aug 25, 1995
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