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THINGS are getting hot and steamy over at the Hollyoaks set - with the arrival of the ever-glamorous model Caprice.

The blonde bombshell, famous for her curves, is set to become a special guest star on the late-night editions of theMersey TV soap.

Four late-night specials are to be screened between Monday July 5 and July 8 as part of the Hollyoaks After Hours series.

The saucy late-night editions will complement the regular shows, which will continue five days a week.

The episodes are split between two storylines. The first strand follows the adventures of Ben (Marcus Patric) ,Joe (Matt Milburn) ,Dan (Andy McNair) and Jake (KevinSacre) -plus Ben's female work colleague Billie -on a celebratory night out following a charity sky dive jump.

The night throws the boys into the murky underworld of a Liverpool lap-dancingclub, where they meet the stunningSaskia (played by Caprice) the sexy young wife of a wealthy,but frail,OAP, who is not afraid of adventure. Saskia invites the boys to her house, to enjoy a `party night' with her and her husband. This is where the fun really starts ...

Caprice is no stranger to the ways of Liverpool,having once enjoyed a romance with BBMak star Christian Burns .More recently, she starred along with Craig Charles in Celebrities: Disfigured.

She says: ``I'mdelighted to be joining the cast of Hollyoaks.I've already been up to the set and met a few of the cast and crew, so it'llbe great to get started.

``Saskia, the character I'llbe playing,knows her own mind and is assertive.It's quite an interesting role, soit's certainly going to be fun!''

Caprice heads up to Liverpool for some filming this week,and will return at the beginning of June to finish off her work.

And fans of the sizzling extra sessions can look forward to more of where that came from - series producer (anddirector of Holly-oaks After Hours) Jo Hallows says: ``The late night Hollyoaks episodes have proved to be so popular with viewers that we are responding to requests for further episodes,and we will certainly look at running further late night specials in the future.

``The special episodes allow us to explore story lines in greater depth,and enable us to include material more suitable for an older audience -hence the later time slot.''


Model role: Caprice joins TV cast
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 25, 2004
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