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THE IMPROVED TOXICOLOGICAL AGENT Protective ensemble (known as ITAP) offers better protection against toxic chemicals and is more comfortable to wear. The ITAP will replace the M3 Toxicological Agents Protective suit, which has been the standard protection for almost 40 years.

The one-piece suit is composed of a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), a personal ice cooling system (PICS), and a compact air supply system (CASS) when a filtered mode is required. One major improvement is the one-piece garment with integral boots, front fastener closure, and glove assembly. It has a splash-proof zipper with closure in the upper portion of the body, a splash hood, and an over-vest to cover the breathing system.

The suit is a modified commercial item made of five alternating layers of Nomex and Teflon. The second layer of the encapsulating suit is orange, so the users can visually tell if the suit is deteriorating. The material provides up to one hour of protection against chemical warfare agents, industrial chemicals, petroleum, oils, and lubricants. It dissipates static charges, is self-extinguishing and flame resistant, and its light gray color reduces its solar load for improved user comfort.

The PICS removes heat from the user's body with a closed-loop cooling system that uses ice water as a coolant. It consists of a pump unit, plastic bottle, connecting hose and tubing, suit passthrough, and a shirt with tubing running throughout.

The CASS is a small, lightweight unit that provides a continuous flow of clean, filtered air for breathing. The system is designed for use with the standard M40 NBC.

The SCBA is used when the suit is configured for Level B assignments. Approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the apparatus is used by Army and Air Force firefighters. It consists of a 60minute air cylinder, breathing valve, pressure gauge, connective hose and tubing, shoulder harness, and waist belt. It is worn over the ITAP suit and weighs about 35 pounds. It will be used as an alternative to the CASS when a higher level of respiratory protection is required than an air mode can provide.
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Title Annotation:Improved Toxicological Agent Protective ensemble
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Date:Jan 1, 2000
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