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Name Salma Massoud

Job Head of marketing activation for the Middle East, Nokia

You've got five hours left before the world explodes. What do you do?

Take a few sleeping pills. I don't want to be awake to witness the end of the world.

When did you last cry?

You can't ask a female this question. Crying for us is an expression of being in touch with our feelings.We cry when we are happy, when we get hurt, when someone does something touching, when we hear a sad song or watch a tragic movie. So, I must have cried for some reason this morning.

Who is your hero?

Beauty and ugliness were on the beach one day and they took off their clothes to swim. After a few hours, ugliness came out, put on beauty's clothes and ran away. Ashamed of walking naked in the street, beauty wore ugliness' clothes. From that day on, people were confused who true beauty was and who true ugliness was. Hidden beauty is my hero.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

A growing resemblance between myself and my Pekingese dog Hero. Not sure if my eyes are getting bigger or his nose is getting smaller.

If you had a trained monkey, what would you make it do?

Give me a head massage and a foot-rub every single day of every single week of every single month of every single year of my life.

If your office was burning down, what would you save?

My irresistibly gorgeous one-of-a- kind yellow Cayenne.

What's your most evocative childhood memory?

My first day at school. I insisted that my grandmother attended the class with me. Poor grandma.

What's your most irritating habit?

I wake up at 7am every day no matter what time I go to sleep.

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Publication:Campaign Middle East
Date:Jan 27, 2013
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