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* COME on you Blues, we know you can do it. This can still be our most successful year yet! Play for your lives and good luck.

STUART THORNE, Lichfield * PLAY your hearts out, Blues. You are good enough to do this.

BRIAN MILLS, Washington, USA * STRESS levels are a bit high at the moment but hopefully, come 7pm on Sunday, Blues, Villa, Wolves and the Baggies will all still be in the Premier League.

Keeping everything crossed for Blues that we will be playing in the Prem as well as in Europe.

LISA HURLEY, Welling, London * BLUES are one win away from this being a great season and one defeat away from embarrassment. Good luck lads - you are better than recent results suggest. Play for pride, the fans, yourselves and your legacy.

MATTHEW EDWARDS, San Francisco, USA * COME on you Blues.

Wear the shirt with pride and play with passion on Sunday! We will still be with you at the end of the road.

MICHAEL HILL, Protea, South Africa * C'MON you Blues, you know we belong in the Prem. On our day we are as good as any - so make it our day.

BRIAN McLAUGHLIN, Gold Coast, Australia * COME on Blues. With a diehard attitude we can do this. We have to beat Spurs, and we have enough quality in our squad to turn them over.

Let's have one final push then we can say we've had a great season.

ANDY EXALL, Castle Bromwich * TO all the Blues players, picked to play against Spurs, just regard it as a second Carling Cup Final and produce the same result against this other North London Team. I will be in Cornwall on honeymoon but will be in a pub watching!

LEN EDGINGTON WOLVES * BEST of luck from Lansing, Kansas USA. Go Wolves!

EDWARD ROWE, Kansas, USA * FROM one of the many Maltese Wolves Supporters on the island, good luck!

Give it your best shot. We know you can do it. Come on, you Wolves!

E FRENDO, Malta * MAY every ball you play turn to gold. With you all the way.

STEVE DICKENS, Lee Mill, Devon * WHEN the going gets tough, the tough get going! You got out of the bottom three just at the right time, now finish the job! Come on me babbies, you can do it!

TOM NEVEY, Kingswinford * GOOD luck Wolves! You are an amazing bunch of players and we have the best manager.

Molineux will be rocking and I truly believe we will get three points to keep us in the Premiership where we belong! Black and Gold forever. SARA JONES, Wolverhampton * CAN we do it? Yes we can! March on, the black and gold.

SALLY MOLINEUX, Fort William, Scotland * ALL Wolves supporters here in Malta wish Mick McCarthy and the players the best of luck for today's crunch match.

By beating the top teams, getting 13 points out of them, you deserve to keep your place in the Premiership.

ALFRED CAMILLERI, Malta * MICK and all the players, I am sending my very best wishes for today. One last push and you've done it.

I am so proud of you all this season with your 'never give up' attitude. Many, many thanks to you all for all your passion, pride and attitude. Good luck today and see you next season.

LINDA WALKER, Steve Bull stand
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:May 22, 2011
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