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THE GIANTS (15) CAST: [...].


THE GIANTS (15) CAST: Paul Bartel, Zacharie Chasseriaud, Martin Nissen. PLOT: Seth and Zak, aged 15 and 133/4, look set to spend the summer in their late grandfather's house. With their mother absent and cash running low, friend Danny suggests it might be a good idea to rent out the place to his brother Beef (Didier Toupy). Unfortunately, he's a psychotic drug dealer. GOOD POINTS: The early scenes when Seth (Nissen) and Zak (Chasseriaud) are together with Danny (Bartel) are fabulous. Actor turned director Bouli Lanners eschews the typically British-adolescent gangster spirit for a much more considered approach. Even when the boys are driving a car under-age, the emphasis is on character development and not an excuse for delivering kinetic thrills.

The main cast act with a maturity which belies their years and inexperience. They somehow look like innocents abroad and real film stars at the same time. You can't help but aching for what this coming-of-age drama has in store. BAD POINTS: Unlike The Kid With a Bike, another French-language Belgian film released earlier this year, The Giants doesn't sustain itself after such a promising beginning. Dyeing the boys' hair is a mistake. You'll wonder if The Giants will edge away from Lord of the Flies territory towards the nastiness of Funny Games.

SHOULD I SEE IT: There isn't much choice in multiplexes this week. If you are not of the mind to see superheroes in either The Dark Knight Rises / The Amazing Spider-Man or animations Ice Age 4 / The Lorax you'll find this at the MAC from tomorrow until Thursday.



GIANT PERFORMANCES: Zacharie Chasseriaud and Martin Nissen
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