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 WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., July 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Mr. Peanut is coming out of his shell. With the introduction of four new products, the Planters Division of Nabisco Foods Group is giving America a new way to snack and Mr. Peanut is leading the way.
 All four new products -- Planters HEAT, Caribbean Crunch, Sweet 'N Crunchy and P.B. Crisps -- come in a flexible, stand-up bag with reclosable tapes and feature the formerly staid Mr. Peanut with a fresh new attitude.
 "People love to eat snacks from bags -- look at chips, pretzels and popcorn. Our new stand-up bags are easy to eat from and easy to carry with you," says Sandy Putnam, vice president and general manager of the Planters Division.
 "Our research says that the future growth of nuts is literally in the bag," Putnam says.
 In tests consumers were asked to compare the Planters bags to other types of packaging for snacks. Eighty-one percent of consumers tested said the bags were better than other packaging; 73 percent said the bags were more appealing and attractive; 91 percent found them easier to carry on-the-go; and 66 percent found the bags easier to eat from.
 "The packaging was created to fit into consumers' on-the-go lifestyles," says Putnam. "The products were created to appeal to every age group."
 Planters HEAT should appeal to Tex-Mex food lovers, Putnam says. The product comes in Hot Spicy or Mild Spicy flavors. Mr. Peanut, in cowboy boots and a belt, swings a lasso on the package. Both varieties of HEAT come in an 8-ounce bag. The suggested retail price is $1.79.
 Caribbean Crunch is a fruit and nut alternative to salty snacks. Caribbean Crunch is a mix of honey glazed peanuts, cashews, sesame sticks, banana chips and pineapple pieces in a 6.5-ounce bag. The suggested retail price is $1.79. On the package, Mr. Peanut -- wearing a lei -- kicks back on a beach.
 For the 6-to-12-year olds, there's P.B. Crisps, a bite-size, peanut- shaped snack with sweet peanut butter creme on the inside and a crispy graham cookie shell on the outside. P.B. Crisps come in a 7.25-ounce bag at the $1.79 retail price or a 1-ounce bag priced at 50 cents. Mr. Peanut gives the thumbs-up sign on the package.
 Mr. Peanut gives an A-OK sign of approval on the 7-ounce bag of Planters Sweet 'N Crunchy, peanuts coated with a sugar and butter crunch shell. Putnam predicts that everyone in the family will love Sweet 'N Crunchy, although children may be the primary consumers. As with the other new products, the suggested retail price is $1.79.
 Planters intends for consumers to find the new products easily. "They will be shipped to arrive at retail outlets in pre-packed trays, so retailers can create a snack-sack section right in the regular nut section," Putnam says.
 Planters also is planning a multi-million-dollar television ad campaign and three Sunday newspaper coupons for the products.
 "Peanuts have always been a popular snack, but they've never been packaged in bags," says Putnam. "Planters' new packaging will make these snacks more appealing, more fun, more contemporary. People are going to think of nuts in a whole new way."
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