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The Blair Witch Project HAS any film divided public opinion quite like this low-budget 1999 chiller? For some it's an utterly terrifying assault on our most primal fears - that something evil is out there, forever lurking just out of sight in the tree line - while for others it's a frustrating hour and a half of snotty nosed, bobble-hatted campers screaming, "Oh my God, what's that!" while pointing at non-specific black shapes.

Severance DESPITE the presence of Danny Dyer - usually the Cockney geezer kiss of death for any movie - this quirky horror is an under-appreciated gem.

Christopher 'Creep' Smith's second feature plays the gore and the laughs as a team-building weekend in remote Eastern Europe for the staff of an munitions firm ends in a decidedly non-Health and Safety run-in with masked homicidal maniacs. Think of it as The Office meets Deliverance.

Wrong Turn COLLEGE kids + broken down car + impenetrable forestry = mutant cannibals.

Honestly, why does any trip involving pubescent American teens always end up with limbs being hacked off? Just once we'd like to see a film where, should that happen, every one sits around reading and bird-watching until they get a lift back into town.

But this town has been invaded by alien serialkillers who behead them.

Evil Dead EVEN some 30 years on and this grubbily-shot, shoe-string horror retains much of the revolting cache that originally led to it being scandalised in the whole 'video nasty' furore of the early '80s.

Spawning two increasingly comic sequels it made stars of its embattled protagonist Bruce Campbell - chain-sawing off his own demonically possessed hand and pinning it down with a leather-bound copy of Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms - and its director Sam 'Spiderman' Raimi.

Dog Soldiers BRIT director Neil Marshall reinvented the werewolf genre with this 2002 gore-fest where a group of squaddies in the Scottish Highlands fall foul of a family of fierce, 7ft tall furries. If nothing else the sight of a disembowelled Sean Pertwee screaming, "I hope I give you diarrhoea!" as several monsters prepare to chow down in him certainly stays with you.


Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead
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Date:Apr 15, 2012
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