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THE END OF FRAN? LOVE/HATE SENSATION; Coonan eyes global success.


PSYCHO gangster Fran could be about to give Love/Hate the bullet, he revealed yesterday.

Despite the phenomenal success of the multi-award winning crime drama, Peter Coonan said he wants an international movie career.

Coonan - madman Fran - will appear in the fourth series of the hit RTE show being filmed presently, and also has a new movie out this week.

But the actor, 29, whose catchphrase is "coola boola", suggested this series could be his last.

He revealed yesterday.: "I really want to work outside of Ireland. King Of The Travellers [his new film], might not be the movie to launch me but it's certainly a chance to meet people.

"I've set up a good body of work here, but I now want to be invited to work elsewhere.

"I really want to work with directors such as Mike Leigh, Ken Loach and Shane Meadows."

King Of The Travellers opens this Friday and Coonan also has a small part in the upcoming BBC series Quirke, based on the crime series by John Banville.

However, for now he's back to filming as loose cannon Fran. He told The Sunday Times: "It can get to me if people just want me to act as Fran for them.

"If somebody politely interrupts me while I'm having a pint or a coffee, say how much they like the show and then walk away, I'm happy with that. Ultimately the least you can do is stop for a photo, but that's not to say you're not entitled to a bit of privacy too."

Immediately after he finishes Love/Hate, he will start work on a new movie called Get Up And Go, which he claims will be unlike anything he's ever done before, even though he'll be playing somebody closer to himself.

Coonan believes acting is in his blood as his mum was an amateur actress in the 1970s and 1980s and she used to bring him around town halls.

She also enrolled him in a top acting school in Dublin. But she died when he was just 12 and never lived to see his major success.

After her death, Coonan continued acting in dramas and musicals. He revealed: "It was amateur in name only. Some of the actors I watched onstage throughout that time were the best I've ever seen - they just didn't go down the professional route."

After a period spent drifting and working in Microsoft, he was drawn back to acting when he was cast in two stage roles in a row. In Between The Canals he played Dots, an aspiring drug dealer who turned out to be a forerunner of his role as Fran.

He believes there is only so long an actor can play a character as sharply defined as Fran.

He said: "I think everybody, at some point, hankers after playing a skanger. We've all worn the banjaxed runners when we were younger, we've all done things we now regret.

"But I now need to prove to casting directors - as well as to an audience - that there's a lot more I can do."

I was o"I really want to work with directors such as Mike LeighPETER COONAN


AMBITIOUS Peter Coonan as Fran
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 15, 2013
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