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THE DOUT POUCH; Gadget beats smoke ban mess.

Byline: By Scott Macnab

A STUDENT has created a new way for smokers to ditch cigarette stubs - a portable ashtray.

Chris Wilson's Dout Pouch is aimed at stopping butts being discarded on streets.

The pocket-sized device could help prevent them piling up when smoking in public places is banned next month.

Chris's idea won a contest run by nightclub owners Lynnet Leisure - and he explained how revellers and pubs and clubs could benefit.

Chris, 22, from Clydebank, near Glasgow, said: "When a customer wants to leave a building with controlled re-entry, staff can give them my small pouch, with that day's date stamped on it.

"It's fire-retardant so they can tap ash inside and stub out the dout before handing it back on the door."

The Glasgow University student added: "The advantage of the pouch is the external environment of clubs and bars will remain nice and tidy."

Lynnet Leisure are now keen to help Chris market the Dout Pouch.

A spokesman said: "We'll be working with him to finalise his idea."


CLEAN: The new device' INVENTION: Chris
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 21, 2006
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