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THE DJQ & A; Exclusive PETE TONG is still king of clubs - he's had a film named after him and his Radio 1 show continues to be the UK's portal into the world of electronic dance music. Tonight he brings his show to Edinburgh and we caught up with him to hear about Radio 1's plans for Scotland and how dance can get to grips with the digital age.

Byline: by stuart barrie

Q YOU'RE back in Scotland tonight, are you looking forward to it?

A YES, it's always very exciting to play here. People are always pleased to see you, so much so that it gives me a guilty conscience for not going back more often. I've played for Progression before and had a fantastic time and I'm expecting the same. My return is long overdue.

Q YOU'RE also broadcasting your show from Edinburgh, what's happening there?

A IT'S something Radio 1 are encouraging me to do. I get dragged all over the place and everyone wants a piece so it's easier for me to play in the UK if I can do it on a Friday night.

The regions are really important to Radio 1, they constantly work on the notion that they're not a London station, they're a national station. I'm also playing Swansea and Belfast soon. It's been great to get out among the nations.

Q WILL your show have a Scottish flavour on the night?

AALEX SMOKE is doing the Essential Mix and I've got a few guests coming in. Linus Loves might be along too. He's a man of mystery so I'm expecting Mylo to walk in. I'm looking forward to seeing who turns up.

Q WITH the One Big Weekend in Dundee and Radio 1 at Colours fest, you are getting all the focus at the moment.

A IT'S about time too. Sharing would be the wrong word but every time you go somewhere, you get told you should be somewhere else.

You can't be everywhere at once. Scotland is obviously an important place. The history of Radio 1 has always been about going all over the UK.

Dundee is just as rewarding, if not even more rewarding, a place to go to for a big weekend.

Sunderland was so welcoming and Dundee is going to be incredible as well.

Q WHAT can we expect from you this year?

A THERE'S going to be some changes. We learned a lot from last year, the way the dance stages worked and the concept of what happens on one day is being reviewed. We'll be coming up with an even better way of getting that across.

It's a massive festival and you get an incredible line-up that you'd struggle to find at a similar event - and it's free.

Q WHO'S on the line-up, can you reveal the acts?

A ME - I can't say any more, Chris Moyles does that. All I can say is it'll be big.

Q WHAT attracted Radio 1 to the Colours fest festival?

A THINGS have to change. You can't do Cream fields every year and Colours fest has earned the right to have an association with Radio 1. It doesn't have to be explained. It's a good festival that's been running for a long time and it's more justified. It doesn't need Radio 1 either and that's why teaming up works.

Q YOU have started your own Pod casts and broadcast a show on 3G phones. What drives you towards technology?

A I'M just a fan really. If you're on that curve it keeps you young and on the ball. It's fascinating for me. Pod casting in particular could be what the CD was like for music. For anybody in the business of specialist radio it's the biggest phenomenon to happen in my lifetime. What it becomes or how it evolves, well you've to find out, you've got to be in it. It's an exciting sea to swim in.

Q DOES the thought of people listening on a Wednesday afternoon on MP3 players change how you do the show?

A IT will. It's a huge boost for our figures when people go to the Listen Again page to stream the show. The Essential Mix has been long-standing as the top downloaded show in the BBC. That's including everything - No.2 is the Essential Selection. The ability to get to these programmes and listen when you want is a huge attraction. What the effect will be on live broadcasting is up for debate. I hold down an important slot. Between 6pm and 7pm is a massive shop window for dance music, I wouldn't want to lose that, but if you ask me to bet on the long-term effects of Pod casting then it will inevitably have some effect on the way we broadcast.

Q WHAT about other gadgets you have done - the Pod casting and the phone stuff. What's next?

A INEED a transporter like Star Trek, that's the way forward for an international DJ.

Q WHAT about cloning - would that work?

A I TRIED that, but I got spotted. It didn't work.

Q PUREPACHA in Ibiza has been a big success for you, are you going back this year?

A DEFINITELY. It's a good family to work with, they're very loyal. To them it was always about the long-term and hopefully that's paying off.

Pacha is one of the great arenas to play in the world. It's totally and utterly different from anywhere else. From a footballing analogy, it's a great stadium.

Q YOU dipped into production last year on the soundtrack to It's All Gone Pete Tong. Can we expect more tunes this year?

A PROBABLY my biggest obsession right now is the programme Logic on my laptop. I'm getting myself to a point where I'm100 per cent sufficient. I'm pretty good just now but I have to lean on other people too.

I was in the studio with Dirty Vegas' Paul Harris last week, which was exciting. I just do it in my spare time. I don't do it to be a pop star, I just want to do more and more.

At the moment I'm just making records for myself to play but I can see myself producing an act or a band. It's enjoyable.

Progression Presents - The Radio 1 Essential Selection After Party, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh, tonight.

SET TIMES: 2 arenas

2100 - 2145 Gary Bowman

2100 - 2200 Stuart Johnston

2145 - 2230 Gary Mac

2200 - 2300 Gareth Sommerville

2230 - 2315 Derek Martin

2300 - 2345 Gareth Sommerville

2315 - 0000 Alan Dobson

2345 - 0045 Gav Grant

0000 - 0130 Pete Tong

0045 - 0130 Derek Martin

0130 - 0300 Steve Angello

0130 - 0300 Seamus Haji

Ocean Terminal, Ocean Drive, Edinbugh

Info Lines: 07734 779788, 07977 490570

Ticket Price: pounds 15 + booking fee

Ticket outlets online

Credit card hotline: 0870 220 1116

Ticket Scotland: 0131 220 3234 (Edinburgh)' 0141 204 5151 (Glasgow


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