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THE DEBATE: Does fire service have enough staff for safety? - THE POST FORUM.

Ian Denny, 35, Bootle, director of CHT Solutions: My gut reaction is until it has been conclusively proven that new technology systems really do work you cannot make any sweeping statements. The technology should be absolutely proven before any cuts - people's lives are at stake.

Stuart Kellner, 35, managing director of Dufton Kellner Chartered Accountants, in Heswall: If they are saying that they are the best-performing fire service in the country, that speaks for itself. Times move on. If you can get the same effect with the manpower they have, that's just the way it's going in all walks of life. In my opinion, the FBU is an old-style union with a track record of putting obstacles in the way of change.

Elaine Owen, 40, New Brighton, managing director of Designated Associates, Birkenhead: My company is technology-led, and so I have to say that it really can make a difference to a company's productivity. That said, when it comes to fighting fires, it would have to be damn good technology to replace a firefighter. We are talking about real people, and it is hard to see how they will be awarded best fire service in the country again if they have fewer people.

Margaret Tarpey, 55, Tarleton, managing director of Concept Communications UK, in Southport: I would find it difficult to see how you can save lives without manpower. I understand any organisation has to be cost-effective, but we are talking about life and death.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 10, 2006
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