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The Cuban Brothers went straight to Sweeney's studio from the stage last year – and, as usual, flashed a little too much flesh.

Frontman Miguel Mantovani – aka Mike Keat, from Edinburgh – admitted the shoot is a bit of a blur.

He said: "I'd just come off stage when Sweeney grabbed me, so I was still full of the post–show glow, feeling pretty tasty.

"We did a picture with Nile Rodgers and then a couple of just us. I think the first was a bit naughty so we had to do it again.

"We're always happy to help with good causes, so we're definitely supporting Sweeney's exhibition."

The wild outfit are renowned for their amazing breakdancing, hilarious comedy and flashing the crowd but many don't see past that to the incredible musical foundation.

They release their first artist album, Yo Bonita, on May 6 with their superb live band The CBs, and those who think they're just for laughs are in for a shock.

Mike said: "I wanted to do something like the records I grew up obsessed with, a proper long player.

"I'd love it to do well and help us as an outfit – to help people take us seriously as musicians too.

"I'm not embarrassed by any elements of our act but to have a good album that stands up is amazing.

"The players on it were basically Amy Winehouse's band. I put them together to tour with James Brown in 2006.

"That was amazing to share his stage. So the guys are incredible.

"I always felt when we started recording that I was the weakest link. But the guys are the best players in the UK.

" The cast of guest performers on the record is also testament to the talent behind the Cuban Brothers.

"I wrote all the songs apart from the couple of covers, like the duet with KT Tunstall," Mike added.

"I'm well proud of it. The thing I am most chuffed with is being blessed with my heroes like Omar appearing on it.

"Omar invented neosoul, people talk about D'Angelo but it was Omar.

"To get him, Mica Paris, KT Tunstall, Curtis Blow, Abdominal, all these cats.

"With the Cubans, you recognise the whole thing is multifaceted, there's a lot of humour so I was always up against that – it's not a comedy record."

The Cuban Brothers have their usual frantic summer of festivals ahead – including RockNess – and they will tour later this year.

Mike said: "First we're straight into a summer of festivals, 20–odd shows all over Europe.

"We'll look at touring in the autumn, so people have hopefully bought the album and got to know it.

"The idea with The CBs was to make it straighter and when the album was finished, I did a couple of shows that way, no costume, no make–up, no accent.

"The crowd dug it but I missed the antics.

"We wouldn't miss RockNess. I love the festival, I love Jim King. It's jollification, it's not work.

"Being back home in Scotland is great.

"It's always such a good crowd at Dores. They like the wrongness."

Yo Bonita, by The Cuban Brothers, is out on May 6.


EXPOSURE... Miguel and Kengo–san
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 28, 2013
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