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THE CREATIVITY HANDBOOK: A Visual Arts Guide for Parents and Teachers.

THE CREATIVITY HANDBOOK: A Visual Arts Guide for Parents and Teachers. C. Boriss-Krimsky. Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas, 1999. 171 pp. $38.95 (cloth), $26.95 (paper). Boriss-Krimsky refutes many myths about artists and the ability to draw as she explores the concept of creativity and points out that "creativity and childhood are practically synonymous." Herbook is well organized. One chapter is devoted to the stages of artistic development, including scribbling, preschematic, schematic, dawning realist, and the pseudo-naturalist stage. The following chapters explain how to keep creativity alive and offer art projects appropriate for specific age groups.

The author emphasizes the importance of adults supporting children's artistic efforts and the child's need to be connected to others who share the creative spirit. An explanation of Teresa Amabile's list of seven main "Creativity Killers" provides essential information for encouraging student work. The author also lists suggestions for working with young artists during each stage of artistic development. The book includes helpful tips on how to arrange art materials and plan projects at home and at school.

Although The Creativity Handbook focuses on creativity in art, readers will realize that children demonstrate creative thinking in many different academic and technical areas. The abbreviated information in this book applies to all facets of school and life. Reviewed by Karen Meador, Meador Consulting, San Marcos, TX


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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Meador, Karen
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Date:Dec 22, 2000
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