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THE COLLEGE SEXTURERS; Shocked students expose tutors' saucy sideline Internetporn site shame of kinky husband and wife pair of lecturers.


TWO college computer lecturers have set up their own website - offering sleazy sex sessions.

But Tony and Anj Jinman's grubby scheme backfired when their own students accidentally logged on to it.

One student said: "It's unbelievable. Details of the site have gone all round college. Everyone's having a good giggle at it."

The couple's website shows Anj, 27, stripping off her basque to flaunt her boobs in a video.

In photos the self-declared "red hot Asian babe" can be seen performing a sex act on a grinning middle-aged man and hubby Tony, 53, is pictured groping her breasts.

She also frolics with him and another man on a bed in various naked positions and while wearing a schoolgirl uniform.

Around 60 grubby photos are up for sale and Anj invites men to send her explicit emails. The busty wife also offers to meet up for sex with those she fancies.

And she adds that she loves having her breasts fondled by strangers and that she and Tony are regulars at swingers' clubs where they have group sex.

The pair's sordid secret got out when one of Tony's students at the City of Wolverhampton College stumbled across the site while surfing the net.

He passed the details to other stunned students at the campus where Tony earns pounds 30,000 a year.

His wife also worked at the college but has since moved to lecture at Kidderminster College 14 miles away, where she pulls in pounds 25,000 a year.

One 22-year-old student said: "Anj used to work with Tony at Wolverhampton and there she was letting it all hang out and performing a sex act on this bloke. And there was Tony as well with his kit off fondling Anj.

"He's unmistakable because he's a bit of an Elton John lookalike with an earring and a dodgy haircut."

The 22-year-old student added: "If they don't get the sack over this it'll be hard to see them being able to face a class again.

"God only knows how they thought they wouldn't get copped for something like this."

Anj, who lives with Tony in a detached house in Wolverhampton, said: "We only did it for a bit of fun and a laugh.

"But we realise we have made a big mistake and will withdraw the site straight away.

"I'm ashamed of what we've done and hope it won't affect our careers.

"We have been doing it for a few months and a lot of people have been in touch. But it's over now. The man I posed with having sex was just a friend. It was all a joke really."

Tony, who met Anj when she was one of his students, was unavailable to comment at the Wolverhampton campus.

Sue Chambers, vice principal of staff and customers at City of Wolverhampton College, said: "The matter will be investigated under college procedures."

A spokeswoman for Kidderminster College added: "We are treating this very seriously and will be investigating."


RANDY: Anj bares all to sprawl on naked man; SORDID: Anj during sex act; HIM: 'Elton John lookalike' Tony, tutor at Wolverhampton; HER: Kidderminster lecturer Anj calls herself a 'red hot Asian babe'
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Dec 11, 2005
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