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THE CLYDACH MURDERS OUR DAVID IS NO BUTCHER; Women in caged Clydach killer David Morris's life insist he is a kind and sensitive man.


THESE snaps show evil Clydach butcher Dai Morris as a real family man.

It is hard to believe the smiling dad in the pictures is now caged for one of the most gruesome murders in Welsh history.

He lovingly cradles his youngest daughter Laura - the apple of his eye - in one photo.

In another he is seen as a doting father at the birth of his first-born Janene.

But on June 27, 1999, he savagely wiped out three generations of the same family after Mandy Power refused to have sex with him.

It is a scenario the most important women in his life will not accept.

Sat together in the homely front room of Morris's estranged wife Wendy, they spit venom over the guilty verdicts.

The four - Wendy, ex-girlfriend Mandy Jewell and daughters by Wendy, Janene, 21, and Adele - are appealing for witnesses to come forward in the hope of getting him cleared.

They have endured hours of questioning by South Wales Police and defend Morris to the hilt.

There is no animosity between Mandy Jewell, Morris's girlfriend of eight years, and his estranged wife who bore him three children.Both blonde-haired and blue-eyed, they share a great affection for him.

They have buried any differences in the belief tattooed builder is innocent of slaughtering Mandy Power, 34, her disabled mum Doris Dawson, 80, and Mandy's two girls Katie, 10, and Emily, eight.

I met them at Wendy's well-decorated house in Penlan which was a picture of domesticity. Whizzing around the clean, laminate flooring of the council home on one of Swansea's roughest estates is his youngest grandchild Cerys.

She giggles as she bangs into furniture in her baby-walker.

Riding a tricycle is eldest grandson Rhys. The toddler has hit the "terrible twos" and is intent on wrecking the paintwork.

The women discuss which pictures they should send to Morris at Bristol's high security prison to remind him of "better times".

They are also bubbling with excitement that "Dai's" daughter - 16-year-old Adele - is expecting her first child. Mandy Jewell, 33, has blotted out the fling Morris had with her best pal Mandy Power.

Mandy was distraught after finding out they were sleeping together, but she has decided to stand by her man after eight mostly happy years together.

She was rushed to hospital last Saturday after overdosing on beta-blockers.

She had a string of panic attacks caused by the anxiety of the Swansea Crown Court trial. She claims it was not a suicide attempt.

Pale and drawn she defends Morris: "He may have gone behind my back and slept with Mandy - but that does not make him a killer.

"I have not even talked to David about his fling with Mandy.

"I am more concerned that an innocent man is banged up in jail for a crime I am 100 per cent convinced he did not do. Yes, David had a temper but he would never lift a finger to his kids.

"If David had done this awful thing he'd have been found hanging from a tree a long time ago."

It is a sentiment repeated by estranged wife Wendy who cried for the first time this week after Morris was caged for life.She said: "He loves the kids. He has a heart of gold and was always thoughtful and kind.

"I've known him since he was 13 and really do know him inside out. He never lifted a finger to me and police were only called here once because of a domestic.

"We would row like every one else and once I threw his clothes out the garden and set fire to them. Once he did smash up the house after a row. David is a very deep, emotional man. He has a temper but also a really sensitive, sensible side which shines through.

"I remember Laura was crying because she had to have plaster put on in hospital and David was so upset he could not watch it.

"Okay we grew apart in the end but there is no bitterness, only memories of the good times with the kids growing up."

Daughters Janene and Adele bear an uncanny resemblance to their killer father.

Both lean with Morris' facial features, they both cling to the past to remember the "daddy" who was always there for them.

Mum-of-two Janene blasts: "Dad is not the man who stood emotionless in the dock after hearing the verdict. He was told not to show any emotion but underneath it was eating him up."

The girls have written to their father and are now waiting for prison visiting passes to arrive.

Their only form of contact, apart from short phone calls, is through Morris's solicitor.

Mandy insisted: "He was asked yesterday if he should be placed on suicide watch. I know David is innocent and that is why he's clinging to hope - he would only take his life if he was guilty.

"He believes he will be free again."

Morris' family hope DNA found at murder scene will help prove his innocence. They also insist a hand-print found at the scene can not have been his. Morris's appeal against conviction should be lodged by next Friday.


FULL SUPPORT: Morris's daughter Janene, left, estranged wife Wendy Morris, second left, ex-girlfriend Mandy Jewell and daughter Adele; THE DEVOTED DAD: Morris, and Wendy, then aged 19, cuddle baby Janene, top. The convicted killer is pictured with Janene and Adele and, second from bottom, he holds Adele. He cuddles Laura, bottom
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 5, 2002
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