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WHEN ONE SIDE has to play by the rules and the other side does not, we lose. That is one of the reasons we were not allowed to win the war in Afghanistan. Soon it will be handed back to the Taliban and turn back in to what it was before.

And that is why we will not win in Mali or any other schitte hole we fight in. The only way to win a war is to make the other side beg for peace.

I know it sounds bad but if you have to fight the enemy with your hands tied then you cannot win.

We fire bombed civilians in Dresden in WWII and today that would be considered a crime.

Time to unleash the hounds or get the hell out of those countries and let them tear themselves apart.

Further, every time you let those folks in to your own country you are bringing those problems to your country. Never doubt that. Canada invites ISIS--the very same people who kill with no regret--everything and everyone in its way--to come and LIVE in Canada.

No wonder Canada is becoming such a soft country. They have become a very spoiled and smug nation. Canada seems to love the UN. It is the most corrupt organization in the world.

Attitudes like the one in the article will do nothing but encourage the enemy to continue. The real men who fought in WW 1 & 2 would laugh at you.

Baxter Rhodes, Dartmouth

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Title Annotation:POSTED IN: Letters to the editor
Author:Rhodes, Baxter
Publication:Esprit de Corps
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Date:Aug 1, 2019

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