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THE BIG SPRING CLEAN UP; Bust your dust & have a clear-out.

Byline: with ANDREA MCLEAN

I read somewhere recently that as a nation, 30 per cent of Brits would be ashamed if friends found out how little they cleaned compared to what they say they do.

I guess the real figure is actually much higher than that and the rest of the people questioned did what we all do - and lied!

With the arrival of spring, and with that low sun now highlighting every cobweb and dust bunny, there are no hiding places left especially in places like bathrooms. I for one have had to take a long, hard look at my dust-filled home.

From getting stuck into cleaning those windows neglected through the long, dark winter, to actually moving the sofa when we vacuum, this is the time of year when we give our homes the clean they need, so that we can relax and enjoy our homes in the way we deserve.

From dog hairs that have settled in a corner to piles of post that have been there so long you don't notice them any more, it's time to cast a steely eye around and decide what needs to be given the boot once and for all.

I LOVE these hanging shoe organisers. Not because I have so many shoes that I don't know what to do with them all - which is absolutely the case, but I keep them tidied away in plastic drawers inside my cupboards. No, I love them because they are a brilliant way to keep bits and bobs stored out of the way and yet handily available for when you need them.

Hanging shoe organiser with 16 pockets, beige, PS7.50. Shoe organiser, beige, PS12. Apron, beige, PS4. Clothes/shoe brush set, PS4. Broom, PS6/128 cm. Tea towel, beige, PS4/2 pack. All Pryttlar range at Ikea

We may have moved on when it comes to mod cons for the home, but sometimes you just can't beat going back to basics. A proper old-fashioned feather duster, carpet beater and hooks to keep everything tidied away is sometimes all you need.

Brooklyn long wood feather duster, PS35. Croft collection hemp braid shopper, PS25, kitchen ladder, PS75, apron, PS20, broom, PS20, marble and mango wood five hook rack, PS30, metal hook rack, PS20, three tier shoe rack, PS60, trug, PS15. All John Lewis.

Most kitchens may have a dishwasher these days, but when it comes to getting that final bit of sparkle you can't beat a bit of good old fashioned elbow grease,

Set of three dip-dye tea towels, PS5.99, BHS

My mum has a steam mop which she swears by so she'll be thrilled with the idea of combining it with a vacuum cleaner - one fewer thing in the overflowing storage cupboard.

Vac&Steam, PS129.99, Bissell

Simplicity is the key in most things in life, but when it comes to the home, it is one hundred per cent true. Wooden pegs look the part whilst working hard for you.

Recycled glass medium storage jar, PS9. Vintage floral and stripe tea towel, PS6 for three. Lamb's wool duster, PS7. Bentley Retro Dustpan and brush, PS10. Bentley retro wooden pegs, PS3. Double radiator brush, PS7.50. All Tesco Direct

WHERE TO BUY:,,,,,,,,,,

Keeping your house clutter free definitely makes it easier to keep on top of the cleaning so make the most of every spare bit of space you have. Under the bed is normally just home to dust and discarded shoes, so put the area to good use with some funky under-bed storage bags.

Camouflage Company Collier Campbell under bed storage, PS30 for for two OVC

British Heart Foundation shops and its furniture and electrical stores will pick up unwanted items for free - from a bag of clothes, books and shoes to your unwanted sofa, dining table or wardrobe. To book a free collection for those larger furniture and electrical items book online at: uk/free or call 0808 250 0030 to arrange a collection.

Cleaning is no fun at the best of times and it's not made any better by lugging around all the stuff you need to get the job done. Keep all your products in order with a housekeeping container.

Housekeeping container, PS7, Tesco

As most visitors judge your cleanliness based on your bathroom, make sure it's as gorgeous as this one!

London map canvas (70X100cm), PS16.99. Old-fashioned tap hooks, PS9.99. Egyptian cotton bath towel silver, PS9.99. Wet room sign, PS1.99. Cargo wooden tealight holder, PS3.99. Salvage trinket tray, PS3.49. Salvage bottle small, PS3.99. Salvage bottle large, PS4.99. Spitalfields lamp table (set of three), PS129.99. Egyptian cotton bath sheet red, PS14.99. Laundry service bath mat, PS9.99. Cargo Collection wooden storage box, PS9.99. All Dunelm.


Duck Tape Exterior We all know Duck Tape but this is specifically for outdoor use. It's waterproof and UV resistant, can be left in place longer and is easily removed. About PS9.50 from DIY stores.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 21, 2015
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