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THE BEST OF THE WEB: WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT ONLINE. Tesco pledges to pursue Huddersfield store plans despite fall in profits Tesco will have been out telling every local paper that it''s not their town they''re pulling out of. Anyone who believes anything they say deserves everything they eat. Whole chicken for PS2.50 anyone? Scargutt You have to admire their brass neck. They make out they are doing us a favour by sticking with their programme of opening more and more stores in and around Huddersfield. Remember, they are only doing it for us!

When they are the only retailer in Huddersfield then there will be no fear of their profits dropping in this area.

rj It''ll certainly be a vast improvement on the two blocks of ugly flats and outdated sports centre. Would rather look at a new Tesco than what's already there. johnboy412000 Huddersfield - always behind the curve. First we didn''t get an HMV until it was already doomed, now we can look forward to an outdated supermarket format that nobody believes in anymore. lordofthemanor Spot on. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride. The phrase, "Better late than neverwas penned with our town in mind. rj Greggs bakers chain set for sixth Huddersfield town centre shop Well at least there won''t be another boarded up shop and a few people will get a job out of it. For those people who don''t like it you don''t have to go there!

stevie5tapes Munch on a Greggs pasty and place a bet! The town is now mostly takeaways and betting shops. Run the gauntlet of the smokers by the bus station entrance and then be assailed by the aromas of a greasy pie. Ugh! putzfrau huddersfield examiner Most discussed stories on Facebook Huddersfield's marathon man Alan Boothroyd completes 940-mile charity challenge Amazing! Well done Alan. And, no, I could not achieve what Alan did!

Kristina Hamilton What a guy. All for a good cause. Very well done now but time for a few beers. Jordan Ellis A true inspiration to others. Congratulations on your wonderful achievement.

Judith Coyne Tesco pledges to pursue Huddersfield store plans despite fall in profits I swear Tesco won''t be satisfied until the market has appointed them absolute ruler of all of this island.

Hannah Kay Look, just get on with building the new Tesco in town. I for one don''t want to have to go back to corner shop prices. Also don''t forget what will happen with the new sports centre if Tesco cancel - there won't be one. As for Holmfirth, there are far more in support of the Tesco than the vocal minority who are trying to block it.

Stephen G Gaunt
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Apr 19, 2013
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