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THE BARBIE BOY; Conor, 4, has never had a haircut - but he soon will.

THE flowing blond locks would make any little girl proud.

Cascading down to the waist, they form the perfect frame for a pretty face.

The only snag is that the silky tresses in question belong to a four- year-old boy.

Conor Ellis is so terrified of barbers he hasn't had a proper haircut since he was born.

But that will soon change. His snip-o-phobia has earned him the nickname "Barbie" at nursery.

And he became so fed-up of it, he came home one day and told mum Wendy: "I want a haircut." Wendy said yesterday: "He pulled it all in front of his face and told me, 'It's all blond like a girl's'.

"It will be a shame to see it go, but it will be a lot more practical."

Conor, always one for extremes, now plans to go the whole hog in the other direction - and have a Kojak clip.

Every last centimetre of his four years of hair will be scissored off in a sponsored charity effort to raise money for his nursery in Arnold, Nottingham.

Wendy and husband Simon did not deliberately encourage their boy's long locks.

She explained: "He has always dreaded having it cut. He used to scream even when he just saw a pair of scissors.

"We took him to a hairdresser's for the first and only time when he was 18 months old.

"The barber was on his third snip when Conor suddenly realised he was having bits of his hair removed.

"He obviously thought something was being taken away from him and just got out of the chair and ran away. He has never been back to the hairdresser's since."

For a long time, Conor was proud of his top-heavy look.

He posed in front of the mirror like a supermodel, combing and grooming.

His mum said: "It has been a real effort to keep it tidy.

"Sometimes I plait it when it is wet, so that it goes all curly as it dries.

"But he has to tie it in a ponytail when he goes to school or bed."

Conor's locks have also landed him in some hair-raising scrapes. Wendy said: "He choked on them once. Another time, he got them caught in a train set.

"We had to cut him free and he became hysterical."

Wendy is now wondering how Conor will look with a shiny scalp.

"It will be really strange," she said. "I am sure there will be a tear or two."

The lost locks will not be forgotten, though. Wendy intends to collect them from the barber's cutting-room floor and save them.

They might come in useful for making Conor a wig if he begins to feel cold around the ears.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Daniels, Bill
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 10, 1998
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