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* "I find that folks who have changed their appearance by way of surgery usually wear it on their sleeve and become less attractive to me, It's just a took in their eyes that says, `Look at me, aren't I great?'"

* "I had liposuction done to my midsection, I do not regret it for a minute. Although I still don't look tike a model--and never intended to--I feel much better about myself without a shirt on."

* "I consider plastic surgery to be a form of self-mutilation,"

* "Although I haven't ever had plastic surgery, I sure as hell would when and if I ever felt that doing so would make me more comfortable with myself. It's not about the perception of others; it's about self-perception!"

* "As a doctor I know that most of the procedures are completely safe, but even so, I wouldn't put my life at risk for my vanity."

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Title Annotation:plastic surgery
Author:Frank, Barney
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Feb 15, 2000
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