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THAT'S JUST SHAMEFUL TOMMY.. SHAMEFUL; Old pal slams Sheridan during pounds 200k court fight.

Byline: By Brian Horne

TOMMY Sheridan's claims he was framed by SSP colleagues to look like a swinger were yesterday branded "shameful" by one of his oldest allies.

And Allan Green told a court the MSP tried to convince him to shred party minutes in which Sheridan admitted going to swingers' clubs.

The former leader of the Scottish Socialists is suing a Sunday tabloid for pounds 200,000 over claims he cheated on his wife during group sex sessions.

Mr Green, the SSP's national secretary, told the Court of Session that Sheridan admitted twice visiting a swingers' club at a meeting in November 2004.

At that point, Sheridan resigned to deny suggestions he was the "spanking MSP" referred to in an October 2004 article in the News of the World.

When Sheridan cross-examined the 48-year-old, he said the meeting's minutes were part of a plot to topple him.

Sheridan asked: "I put it to you the so-called minute is as dodgy as a 10 bob note, isn't it?"

The founding member of the SSP replied: "No, Tommy, you know it is true."

The SSP tried to keep the minutes confidential but had to hand them over after one of their leaders was jailed for defying a court order in May this year.

Mr Green suggested that Sheridan then realised the importance of the minutes and tried to discredit them.

He said SSP members had always tried to give their leader the best advice - for the good of himself and the party.

Mr Green then exploded: "For you to turn round and accuse the likes of myself of monstrous frame-ups - for any other socialist, never mind one of your standing - it is an appaling thing to do.

"I can hardly believe you are doing this. You know that, like yourself, I have spent a lifetime - my entire adult life - to build up the socialist movement.

"You can lie, accuse me of monstrous frame-ups, none of it is the truth.

"It is shameful, Tommy, it is shameful."

Mr Green claimed that at a meeting of the SSP's national council in May, Sheridan made an about-turn and urged the handover of the November minutes.

Mr Green said the claim that the minutes were not a true record followed.

The teacher said: "You took the shameful step to smear good comrades like myself that had done nothing more than carry out the wishes of the party and, up to then, your wishes as well."

Mr Green recalled a conversation around the time of court moves to seize the minutes. He said: "You asked me to shred the minutes but I told you I could not do that."

Sheridan asked if he were likely to ask for something to be shredded when he had not seen the contents.

He asked: "Was there something in them I should be concerned about?"

Mr Green told him: "No, I simply said the minutes recorded only why you were asked to resign as convenor."

The tabloid's QC, Michael Jones, asked Mr Green if he had been aware of possible damage to the party by the claims. He replied: "Obviously.

"The party has been commonly known as 'Tommy Sheridan's Scottish Socialist Party' even though Tommy has said it was never a one-man band."

"Tommy was a tremendous ambassador for the party and we were all acutely aware any blow to Tommy would be a huge blow to the SSP."

The case continues.


EVIDENCE: Sheridan arrives at the court yesterday. Inset, Allan Green
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 20, 2006
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