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Pancake Tuesday in the Yukon

At this year's annual Pancake Supper, St Paul's in Dawson City raised $470 for PWRDF's equity in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, designated for the Rohingya and Yemen Emergency responses. One little boy from the church singing group could not attend the Pancake Supper but wanted to make a difference. "The next day at practice he gave me $5 to help--really touching," says Betty Davidson, PWRDF Diocesan Representative for the Diocese of Yukon.

Digging Deep

On Saturday, April 6,2019, 60 clergy and lay people gathered at St. Mary's, Kerrisdale in the Diocese of New Westminster B.C., for a dinner in honour of PWRDF's 60th Anniversary. Responding to the invitation of PWRDF diocesan representative, Peter Goodwin, Executive Director Will Postma attended, with giant golden 6-0 balloons in hand. After all donations came in, $2,520 was raised for PWRDF's shallow wells project in Kenya.

The tipping point

Madison Unrau delivers the local Vernon Morning Star newspaper but thanks to her generosity, she's also delivering clean water to communities in Cuba. When she saw the PWRDF gift guide and brochures at the back of her church, All Saints in Vernon, B.C., in the Diocese of the Territory of the People, she wanted to help. So she decided to donate Christmas tips she received from the people on her paper route. Her initial goal was $75, to buy one water purification system for a church in Cuba, but once word spread she was able to raise $ 180, enough to buy two systems, and a bag of seeds for the All Mothers and Children Count program.

The little Sunday School that could

Each year St, Agnes' Sunday school in New Bruswick, which serves the Parish of Derby and Blackville's three congregations, takes on an Advent challenge. What started out as the idea of buying a few goats from PWRDF's World of Gifts guide turned into the purchase of two whole farms and a small donation to PWRDF's general funds! With the help of parishioners and a good marketing strategy, they bought the farm(s).

Growing Hope in Rupert's Land

In the Diocese of Rupert's Land, parishes are working to end hunger with the support of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. On Sunday, June 9,2019, parishioners from several Winnipeg and area churches will celebrate Rogation at the historic church of St. Luke's in Pembina Crossing. They will bless the land and newly planted seeds, made possible through their fundraising and the donation of 15 acres by the Rev'd Chris Lea and his family. When the crops are harvested and sold in the fall, the proceeds will go to PWRDF's equity in the Foodgrains Bank. Last year this Anglican Grow Hope project raised $ 14,588. With a 4:1 match from the Government of Canada, the donation grew to more than $72,000 for emergency relief programs.

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Date:Jun 1, 2019
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