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TFU participant survey underway, fleetwide survey to follow.

The Navy's continuing effort to reduce the size of the seabag and outfit the Sailor of the future reaches another milestone with the release of Task Force Uniform's CTFU) wear-test participant survey.

TFU launched its participant survey May 31 for all Navy Working Uniform (NWU) and E-6 and below service uniform test participants to complete by June 15.

Each 15-page survey permits feedback on performance factors such as ease of maintenance, durability, professional appearance, and also provides space for users' comments. Satisfaction regarding each of the topics is rated on a 5-point scale from "very dissatisfied" to "very satisfied."

"We also ask questions in regards to preference and the performance of the uniform so TFU will be able to quantify the uniforms' ability to perform as desired" said Command Master Chief (SS) Robert Carroll, director of TFU.

Carroll said the only difference between the service and NWU surveys, besides the type of uniform, is the service uniform survey permits separate male and female responses due to the differences in the two uniforms.

Once the participant survey is complete and evaluated, a fleetwide survey will be released by TFU. The fleetwide survey will question Sailors regarding their observations of the wear test uniforms during the test period for those with direct or indirect contact.

"The survey includes questions regarding the current wear test, as well as uniform proposals brought up during the TFU Phase II Conference. The fleet will be asked about their sentiments regarding service uniforms for E-7 and above, service dress and dinner dress uniforms, outer garments and PT gear," said Carroll.

Carroll asked Sailors to consider the areas where they are satisfied or dissatisfied with current uniforms and to keep those factors in mind when taking the survey. He also asks Sailors to review information on the Internet regarding the current wear-test uniforms.

"We want the fleet to take advantage of the information that we have on, as well as the Navy Personnel Command Web site before taking the survey," said Carroll.

More than 40,000 Sailors took part in the last fleetwide survey, and Carroll expects many more for the Phase II survey.

"Now Sailors have seen actual results in the fleet in direct response to the first survey, I expect a lot more will want to have their voices heard during this phase."

Carroll says the results will be tabulated much like the last survey, with professional data analysis of Sailors' feedback.

"Once we have captured all the responses, we will review and calculate the fleet's views."

Once the analysis is complete, TFU will include the results as part of a package that will be delivered to the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) sometime before the end of the summer. The package will assist the CNO with making a final decision regarding uniforms for the fleet.

"Task Force Uniform is about the future," said Carroll. "It's not about yesterday; it's about where we're going and having the seabag to support the fleet of the future."

An announcement will be made when the survey is available to all Sailors fleetwide on Bupers Online.

For more information about TFU, visit and

Story courtesy of the public affairs office for Task Force Uniform
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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