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TFSD's Services Now Available via Data Downlink's .xls.

Thomson Financial Securities Data (TFSD) has announced an agreement to license its Global New Issues and Venture Economics' Venture Capital Financings databases to Data Downlink Corp. The databases will be available via Data Downlink's Webbased information service, .xls (

The Global New Issues databases provide coverage of global debt and equity issues, Eurobonds, U.S. Private Placements, Medium Term Notes, and more. In addition to the U.S. marketplace, more than 80 types of securities can be searched across eight additional marketplaces, including Latin America, continental Europe, Japan, the Asia-Pacific region, and the U.K. The total Global New Issues database includes more than 300,000 securities transactions dating back to 1989.

Users of .xls can either generate a report on an individual deal or search for deals meeting specific criteria by using the service's custom-report search. All reports download directly to Microsoft Excel, and links to news headlines and stories relating to the transactions or its participants are accessible from the individual deal report. Thousands of data fields are available, including managers and fees, offering terms, gross spread, shares offered, and other deal specifics.

According to the announcement, Thomson Financial's Venture Economics group provides the largest private-equity-research database available, with more than 200,000 transactions dating back to 1970. Updated daily, the database includes complete and in-depth coverage of firms, funds, companies, and executives, and allows users to do the following:

* Search for portfolio companies, firms, or funds meeting specific criteria, and download either a Standard or Custom report directly to a spreadsheet

* Determine who the investors are in a specific company, when the investments were made, and for how much

* Find out what companies a venturecapital firm has in its portfolio

Venture Economics has been tracking and providing extensive private-equity performance benchmarking and analytical research for institutional investors and private-equity professionals since 1961. Through strong relationships within the business and banking communities, Venture Economics provides in-depth information on firms, funds, executives, and companies available nowhere else, according to the announcement.

"The integration of these two databases into our .xls service will dramatically improve our customers' ability to research the debt, equity, and venture-capital markets," said Steve Goldstein, founder and CEO of Data Downlink. "The addition of these databases to TFS D's other highquality offerings already available on .xls, such as its M&A [mergers and acquisitions] data, provides an important resource to .xls customers."

"Data Downlink has proved to be an excellent partner for TFSD," said Jerry Moskowitz, managing director of Thomson Financial Partners. ".xls is an ideal tool for accessing our databases, conducting precision searches, and generating highquality reports."

Data Downlink Corp. is a provider of Internet-based online information services. The privately owned company is headquartered in New York and London. Data Downlink's .xls service aggregates and cross-indexes over 70 premier business databases, delivering information directly to Microsoft Excel, HTML, Microsoft Word, or Adobe PDF at the desktop.

Venture Economics is an information provider for private-equity professionals worldwide. It offers products such as directories, conferences, journals, newsletters, research reports, and the VentureXpert database.
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Date:Nov 1, 2000
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