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* For its new fragrance, Poker Face, Ted Lapidus dove into the world of gambling. Texen Beauty Partners was asked to develop a specific metal collar to highlight the sharp square shape of its bottle. In the same spirit as the bottle created by the brand's glassmaker, the collar is available in three formats (30-, 50- and 100ml) and is both masculine and sensual in a deep black shade.

To answer the brand's demands, Texen Beauty Partners created a two-part collar: an identical neck for each size, and a plaque specifically adjusted for each format. The two parts are then clipped together.

The collar is made from a shiny black anodized aluminum. The complexity of the project is to ensure a completely flat horizontal part to be flush to the glass like a second skin, despite its thinness, said the firm.

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Title Annotation:Packaging News
Publication:Household & Personal Products Industry
Date:Aug 1, 2018
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