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 SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- TestDrive Corp. today announced that it has signed a bundling agreement with Multimedia World.
 Under terms of the agreement, TestDrive will polybag one free copy of its inaugural Super Store(TM) CD-ROM with each copy of Multimedia World's December 1993 issue.
 TestDrive announced in February its "try-before-you-buy" CD-ROM loaded with fully functional, mass-market software, and was the first company to do so. TestDrive intends to ship its first CD, loaded with more than 50 software titles, by Sept. 15.
 "This will be the first time a CD-ROM disk has been included inside any national magazine," said Nathan Schulhof, TestDrive founder and president. "We're extremely pleased to be included with Multimedia World's first issue as a freestanding publication."
 "We're very excited to be a key part of this landmark event," said Jonathan Epstein, publisher of Multimedia World. "Now TestDrive has full-on reach to the largest available group of Windows CD-ROM users, and Multimedia World subscribers and newsstand buyers will be among the first to preview and buy the exciting products featured on the TestDrive Super Store CD-ROM."
 Among the dozens of retail software programs available for trial and electronic purchase on the initial TestDrive CD are Quattro Pro, Paradox and dBASE from Borland International; The Print Shop Deluxe from Broderbund; OmniPage and PageKeeper from Caere Corp.; and WordPerfect for Windows and WordPerfect Presentations from WordPerfect Corp.
 Launched by IDG in January 1992, as a bound-in demographic section of PC World, Multimedia World will become a freestanding publication this December. Epstein noted that Multimedia World expects a strong lift in newsstand sales for the December issue that features TestDrive, which will benefit advertisers in the magazine and software publishers with programs on the CD-ROM. According to Epstein, December will also be the Holiday Buying issue for Multimedia World.
 In addition, Multimedia World, with the enclosed TestDrive CD, will distribute 10,000 bonus issues at COMDEX Fall 1993. COMDEX is the largest tradeshow in the United States, and last year it hosted more than 130,000 attendees to its annual computer extravaganza in Las Vegas.
 For additional information about TestDrive, call 800-788-8055. For more information about Multimedia World, call 415-267-1731.
 Multimedia World is a publication of IDG, the world's largest publisher of computer-related periodicals.
 TestDrive and Super Store are trademarks of TestDrive Corp. All other product names and trademarks are property of their respective owners.
 -0- 8/11/93
 /EDITOR'S NOTE: Promotional agreement allows TestDrive to polybag its inaugural, September 1993 Super Store(TM) "try-before-you-buy" CD- ROM with the December issue of Multimedia World. This is the first time a publication has included a CD-ROM disk./
 /CONTACT: Nathan M. Schulhof, president of TestDrive Corp., 800-788-8055; or Damon Dean of Multimedia World, 415-267-1731; or David L. Politis of Politis & Associates, 801-364-4649 or (home) 801-572-1371/ CO: TestDrive Corp.; Multimedia World ST: California IN: CPR PUB SU:

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Date:Aug 11, 1993

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