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TERRY PLEDGE; ITN vows to find truth about newsman's death in Iraq war.


ITN yesterday vowed to fight on to find the truth about reporter Terry Lloyd's death in Iraq.

ITV has announced it will help Royal Military Police launch a fresh TV appeal for witnesses.

ITN chief executive Mark Wood said: "We will continue to do all we can to help the Royal Military Police get to the truth."

Lloyd, 50, was initially thought to have died from a stomach wound when the ITN team was caught in crossfire between Iraqi and US troops outside Basra. But the Daily Mirror 12 days ago revealed evidence that Lloyd died on his way to hospital when he was shot in the head as his vehicle was strafed by a US helicopter gunship.

Colleagues French cameraman Fred Nerac and Lebanese translator Hussein Othman are thought to have been captured and executed. Red Caps have now said the witness testimony of Hamid Aglan, who tried to drive Lloyd to safety, was "highly credible".

ITN said it also has witness reports that the newsman was caught in American and Iraqi fire and died on his way to hospital.

Two US soldiers died yesterday and 13 were hurt when two mortars hit their base west of Baghdad. Another soldier was killed when he drove over a booby trap 60 miles west of the capital.

Former US President Bill Clinton, in the United Arab Emirates yesterday, said that America should not dominate Iraq and should give the UN a greater security role.

Ex-UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix said America attacked Iraq even though it posed no immediate threat.

He added yesterday: "What worries me is the questionable honesty of a government which publicly presents certain arguments, but privately has different thoughts."


SHOT: Terry Lloyd
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 22, 2003
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