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PRINCE Charles faced death when he was attacked by harpoon-gun wielding terrorists this week, the Sunday People can reveal.

His life was in danger - but he survived because of his cool courage during the 30-minute attack while he was swimming alone in an isolated cove.

The Queen is furious about the deadly security breach in Cyprus during his summer holiday cruise - and Prime Minister Tony Blair has been informed.

lated cove in Cyprus on Thursday.

A high-powered launch carrying a dozen fanatic supporters of the anti- british cypriot group EOKA group suddenly roared into the tiny bay and trapped the Prince between the sea and the safety of the yacht he is travelling on.

They threatened the shocked prince with their weapons as they screamed insults and abuse threatening to "teach you a lesson" for Brtain's involvement in Cyprus.

The helpless prince had to simply tread water as they hurled abuse at him and threatrened him with harpoon guns. There was no way he couild escape back to the shore or his yacht.

Neither of his sons Prince William or Prince Harry, or his mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles knew of the incident until it was all over and none were in danger themselves.

One of the prince's staff told the Sunday People: "It was a terrifying and enormously dangerous incident.

"The prince - just as when he was attacked in Australia by a fanatic several years ago - was completely cool.

"But there's no doubt his life was in terrible danger. He kept very cool and simply treaded water and tried to calm things down.

"He was able to raise the alarm through certain security devices that are always with him.."

Within minutes armed royal detecitves dived on a high-powered speed boat roared from the prince's yacht to place themselves between their royal charge and the gang.,

There then became a highly tense armed standoff which lasted 30 minutes before the cypriot extremists suddenly roared away leaving the royal party shaken but safe.

One of Charles's royal courtiers said: "There was no shoot out, but there could easily have been.

"The detectives, who were all armed themselves, were threatened with cocked harpoon guns by the attackers.

"It could easily have ended in massive bloodshed."

The hero of the hour was royal detective Peter Brown who calmed down the cypriots and persuaded them to leave.

"He put his own life in danger by positioning himself between the cypriots and the prince. There were long moments when they thought it would turn to bloodshed and he would get the first harpoon straight through his stomach.

"Howqever, he kept calming the cypriots and persuading them tio leave. He told them there cause was nothing to do with the prince personally and pleasded with them to think of his children on the yacht.

"He was brilliant - afterwards the prince coukld not thank him enough."

Throughout the tense exchanges, however, the prince was forced by his own personal detective, Supt Colin Trimmings, to stay in the sea treading water because it put him at less risk.

"He was held by Trimmings by the side of the royal laucnh away fro,m the cypriots boat".
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Author:Field, Paul
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Aug 15, 1999
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