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Byline: By ALLAN HALL in Berlin

THE three terror plot suspects seized in Germany were mixing deadly bombmaking chemicals when armed officers burst in, officials say.

Police, who had bugged their lair, swooped after eavesdropping on a chat proving the trio were putting together their explosives. They said up to 10 fanatics connected to the terror cell may be on the run. Antiterrorist units across the EU, including Scotland Yard, have been given their names amid fears they have fled Germany.

The three suspects held on Tuesday had 730kg of hydrogen peroxide in the house in Oerschledorn, North Rhine-Westphalia region. The hoard had the force of 550kg of TNT - deadlier than the London or Madrid train blasts. Police, watching them for six months, revealed they spiked a stash they hid elsewhere.

The Turk and two Germans are alleged to have plotted carnage to mark six years since the 9/11 outrage.

State official Volker Bouffier said: "The goal was to kill as many as possible, preferably thousands."


RAID: One suspect
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 7, 2007
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