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Coronation Street ITV, 7.30pm

UNLIKELY gambler Fred Elliot is forced to admit to Ashley that he gave away the butcher's shop to Mike in a poker game.

Meanwhile Jack's devious scam to spend more time with his pigeons is uncovered.

Vera learns the man from the conservation society is none other than Jack's friend, Ron Hepplewhite.

If only Jack had wings to escape from his nearest and dearest.

The unwanted attention from house guest Wanda finally sends Ken to the end of his tether.

Elsewhere Katy grills Tracy about the pros and cons of motherhood.

But with older man Martin convinced a baby is a bad idea, will Tracy's words of wisdom make any difference?

Bodies BBC2, 9.00pm

ANOTHER cracking episode of the medical drama where the plots can be as unpleasant as the operations.

In tonight's show consultant Roger Hurley's need to meet hospital targets endangers the lives of a woman and her unborn baby, who have been involved in a road accident.

Disillusioned doctor Rob Lake, expertly played by Max Beesley, is having a bad time.

He is still suspended but decides to make sure justice is won for the Taylors, victims of boss Roger's negligence.

The only person who can help is the unethical Polly, Tamzin Malleson.

Rob's affair with ward sister Donna is also flagging. She has her own problems after being accused of racism.

Musicality Channel 4, 9.00pm

THIS fun follow-up to Operatunity finishes tonight with a big performance of Chicago.

The original 2000 applicants were whittled down to just 10, but only five contestants have made it through to the bitter end.

It's crunch time for Mathew, Donna, Caroline, Rebecca and Warren as they give it their all in the final rehearsals.

Nerves also play a part as the five try and convince Chicago's American producers that they are good enough for the show.

The performance was filmed two nights ago at the Adelphi Theatre in London's West End. A packed audience turned out and included TV presenter Gaby Roslin and comedienne Victoria Wood.

Watch out for Donna Hazelton from Fife - her singing steals the show.

One Night in Bhopal BBC1, 9.00pm

EXACTLY 20 years after the worst industrial accident in history, this documentary revisits the tragedy of the Indian city of Bhopal.

The bustling city relied upon the American owned Union Carbide chemical plant for more than 1000 jobs. But during the night of December 2 a gas leak killed more than 7000 people and badly injured another 200,000.

A cocktail of chemicals seeped out, including Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) - a substance so dangerous it is known as liquid dynamite.

Many people were killed in the shanty town near the plant.

The plant itself offered compensation payments of just pounds 320 a person.

This emotional film speaks to the people affected and tries to find out why the disaster happened.


One Good Turn BBC2, 10.30am

TRAMPS Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy beg for food at an old lady's house, where they hear her being threatened with eviction by her unpleasant landlord - little knowing they're actually only rehearsing a play. Chucklesome comedy, with Mary Carr and James Finlayson.

Kojak: The Price of JusticeFive, 3.35pm

THEO falls for the prime suspect in his latest case - an extrovert mother whose two sons have been killed in mysterious circumstances. Entertaining detective drama, starring lollipop-loving Telly Savalas, Kate Nelligan, Pat Hingle and Jack Thompson.


CUTTING EDGE: Max Beesley, left, excels in Bodies, BBC2, 9pm; while it's showtime in Musicality, Channel 4, 9pm; OLIVER HARDY: BBC2, 10.30am
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