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Legato Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:LGTO), Palo Alto, Calif., a leader in the enterprise storage management software market, has announced that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has selected Legato's products, with enhancements provided by Compaq Computer Corporation, to back up Microsoft TerraServer database, the world's largest database on the Web. NetWorker sets the standard for mission-critical data protection and disaster recovery for enterprise computing.

John Nordlinger, lead project manager for Microsoft SQL Server at Microsoft, said, "The Microsoft TerraServer database required a storage management solution that delivered scalable performance, along with strong multi-CPU and network capabilities, coupled with powerful programmability. NetWorker was chosen to protect the Microsoft TerraServer database not only for these characteristics, but also for its wide device support."

Lou Cole, Legato's president and CEO, said, "NetWorker for Microsoft Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition is being used to back up Microsoft SQL Server, Enterprise Edition 7.0 database holding up to three terabytes of geospatial data. The Microsoft TerraServer database, the terabyte-size, 140 million record database multi-processor system, maps the earth to within 20 feet using mapping and aerial photo information from the US Geological Survey and the former Soviet space agency, Sovinformsputnik (SPIN-20). Legato is excited to be a part of the Microsoft TerraServer database project," concluded Cole. Microsoft TerraServer consists of Compaq's AlphaServer 8400 with 8 Alpha CPUs and 10 gigabytes of RAM, StorageWorks ESA 10000, and a new version of NetWorker software that is a result of a collaboration between Compaq Computer Systems and Legato Systems.

NetWorker for Microsoft Windows NT Server operating system is a high performance storage management solution for customers with very large Windows NT-based servers, or the requirement to drive specific high-speed devices. NetWorker provides an enhanced local architecture that dramatically increases local throughput, while minimizing use of system resources. NetWorker addresses the storage management needs of today's heterogeneous, ever-changing enterprise.

NetWorker delivers the manageability, availability, performance and scalability necessary to protect multi-platform environments with one uniform solution. By offering the capabilities of heterogeneous platform support, automated media handling, consistent interoperable tape format, data stream parallelism, remote management, and client-server frameworks for storage management, NetWorker is the most flexible and scalable storage management solution available.

"As Microsoft's prime integrator for Windows NT solutions, Compaq Computer Corporation works with leading-edge companies, like Legato Systems, to deliver superior applications," said Gerard van de Aast, vice president, Digital Global Alliances. "Because we have been licensing NetWorker technology from Legato Systems since 1990, we are pleased to have been able to collaborate with them on storage management software to manage and protect massive on-line databases."

"StorageTek's hardware and Legato's storage management software combine to provide an enterprise-class solution to meet Microsoft's needs for high-performance, reliable backup of the Microsoft TerraServer database," according to Don Kleinschnitz, vice president for strategy and alliances in StorageTek's multiplatform business group. "We are pleased to be participating with Legato to demonstrate this type of mission-critical storage management in a Windows NT environment."

NetWorker works in conjunction with the Legato BusinesSuite Module for Microsoft SQL Server to provide a complete "database-aware" backup and recovery solution. The Legato BusinesSuite Module for Microsoft SQL Server performs on-line (hot) backup of Microsoft SQL Server databases, thus negating the need to disrupt end-users by taking the database off-line to perform backup. In addition, users have the option of performing full or incremental backups. The Legato BusinesSuite Module for Microsoft SQL Server is a member of the Legato BusinesSuite family of products that provide high-performance data protection for leading databases and applications.

Pricing and Availability

Legato NetWorker for Windows NT is currently available, and pricing starts at $1,000 (U.S. suggested list). For additional information on all Legato Systems' enterprise storage management software products, contact Legato sales via phone at 650/812-6000, or via e-mail at

About Legato Systems

Legato Systems, Inc. develops, markets and supports an integrated set of enterprise storage management software products for heterogeneous client/server computing environments. The company's solution is selected by large customers around the world because of its reliability, platform-independence and unique ability to seamlessly integrate with existing and future computing environments. Legato's storage management software has become the recognized de-facto standard with the largest installed base, representing over 15,000 customers, protecting more than 2,000,000 systems.

Twent-three of the world's largest system and applications vendors have chosen Legato's software as their preferred storage management solution for their customers, including Banyan, Compaq/Digital, Compaq/Tandem, Data General, Fujitsu/Amdahl, Fujitsu/ICL, Groupe Bull, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Informix, NEC, Netscape, Network Appliance, Nihon-Unisys, Oracle, Siemens Nixdorf, Silicon Graphics, Sony and Sun Microsystems. The company's NetWorker, BusinesSuite and GEMS products are also licensed, resold, or endorsed by other major vendors, including: BMC Software, Computer Associates, IBM/Tivoli, Microsoft Corporation, MTI, Novell and SAP. Legato's home page address on the World Wide Web is

For more information, call 650/812-6112.
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