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TERRA AG introduces the new Pipe Puller TERRA-EXTRACTOR 100. It is used for renewal/replacement of houses connections 3/4 inch up to 2 inch. The old pipes, mostly from lead or PE/PVC, are cut with the 2-wing-cutter and displaced sideways. The new pipe from HDPE is pulled in simultaneously. The high pulling force of 10 tons allows cutting of even old steel and cast iron pipes. The TERRA-EXTRACTOR 100 is lifted into the working area. This pit must be a minimum 0.4 m wide and 1.0 in long. The special dyformed pulling cable is pushed through the old pipe until it reaches the other end at the house. The cutting tool and the pulling head are assembled. The new HDPE pipe is connected to the pulling head with a newly developed quick bolt connection. During pullback of the pulling cable the old pipe is cut and the new pipe pulled in simultaneously. This is possible in lengths up to 25 m. Longer lengths require longer pulling cables. The TERRA-EXTRACTOR 100 operates with two cable clamps. The distance frame between the front plate and the TERRA-EXTRACTOR 100 allows an easy disassembly of the cutter and the pulling head, when the new pipe reaches the working pit. Circle no. 235

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Title Annotation:New products: the latest product developments
Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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