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The TERRA-JET 4514 D is a new horizontal directional drilling machine with a torque of 3,320 loot-pounds a pullback force of 31,000 pounds and a drilling fluid volume of 49 gpm. It can produce directional bores up to 1,000 feet in length, in corresponding ground, it can ream bore channels up to 21 inches. In combination with the TERRA-ROCK it becomes an "All Terrain" t IDD machine and can be used in nearly all ground conditions, even in rock with low and middle strength. The TERRA-JET 4514 D has "all on board." All components of an IIDD machine are assembled on a rubber crawler undercarriage, including the mixing system. The HDD unit is equipped with Automatic Drilling and Backreaming Systems, which adjusts the operating speed automatically within milliseconds to underground conditions. The joystick allows one-hand- operation, controlling thrust and rotation simultaneously. A new drill rod changer increases productivity. As an option the drill rod changer may be ordered semiautomatic or fully- automatic. A complete change of drill rods, including the break-apart operation, is fully-automatic. The new design of the TERRA-JET 4514 D covers all machine components including the mud pump. Circle no. 167

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Title Annotation:New products: the latest products
Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Dec 1, 2003
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